Press Release July 24

July 24, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Digital Document Management Software Creator Releases Latest Generation photools, creator of popular digital image management software IMatch, releases its fifth generation with expanded capabilities. USINGEN, GERMANY—Digital asset management software is something that professionals of all kinds use, from photographers to scientists, librarians to police officers. photools’ IMatch has been Logo

Configuring Process Control for Slow Media (CD-ROM, DVD, NAS, …)

IMatch by default utilizes all available processors and disks when indexing files. It automatically adapts to your system configuration to balance and to overlap file system operations and in-memory computations for optimal performance. Sometimes, if you plan to add large batches of files from slow media like CD-ROM or DVD, you can achieve a better

Using the Copy Data App with Your Office Application

  Exchanging data with other applications is one of the key features for an digital asset management system like IMatch. If you want to transfer data from IMatch to your Office application, e.g., Microsoft® Excel, you can use the  Text Export Module to output the data to a file on disk. See the IMatch help

Using Large Icons for Toolbars in IMatch

  If you work with a very large or high-resolution monitor, the size of the standard toolbar buttons may be too small for comfort. You can change the size in two steps to up to 32×32 pixels. Open Edit > Preferences > Application: User Interface. There, change the toolbar size to your liking. IMatch will - Software for Digital Asset Management, photo cataloging and image management.

IMatch 5 Released

June 2014 is proud to announce the long awaited generation 5 of IMatch. After nearly one year of Beta testing with hundreds of users from all over the world, we finally released IMatch 5 officially today. IMatch is a professional digital asset management system. Like it’s predecessor IMatch 3, IMatch 5 has a strong - Software for Digital Asset Management, photo cataloging and image management.

Upgrading from IMatch 3 to IMatch 5

This article explains how to upgrade to the current version of IMatch from IMatch 3.5 or 3.6. Upgrading from legacy versions of IMatch (IMatch 3.4 and older) is not supported. These versions are almost 10 years out of date. 1. Buy IMatch Go to the shop page and follow the instructions given there. The purchase

How do I get support and help for IMatch?

The primary support forum for IMatch is the In this community thousands of IMatch users from over 60 countries discuss all IMatch 5 and DAM related topics. If you cannot find an answer using the search function, post a question. Usually you’ll get a qualified response within a couple of hours. You can also