Match Anywhere Learning Center

Welcome to the IMatch Anywhere™ Learning Center – the place for free video tutorials, in-depth know-how articles and answers to frequently asked questions. See also: IMatch Anywhere – Frequently Asked Questions.

What is IMatch Anywhere?
IMatch Anywhere adds server functionality to IMatch. When you run IMatch Anywhere on a Windows PC, you can access your IMatch databases remotely from any other device (computer, tablet, Smart TV, …) in your network using IMatch WebViewer.
Whether you use IMatch Anywhere in your network at home or you plan to deploy a cost-effective and low-maintenance DAM solution in your corporate network, IMatch Anywhere is up to the job.
What can You do with IMatch Anywhere?
In this video we show you some of the most frequent usage scenarios for IMatch Anywhere.
You can install it in your home network to give all family members access to your image collection, from any device. Or you can install it in your company network to give multiple users access to a central DAM, with minimal maintenance and on a budget.
Installing IMatch Anywhere
This video shows how to install IMatch Anywhere and the super-quick initial configuration. Usually it takes less than 5 minutes to publish an IMatch database in your network and to allow other users to access it remotely.
Introducing IMatch WebViewer
IMatch WebViewer™ enables you to access and browse IMatch databases remotely and from any device, using only a web browser.
In this video we introduce IMatch WebViewer and explain the Navigator and the File Window.
The IMatch WebViewer Navigator
The Navigator is a central component of IMatch WebViewer. With it you select the files from your database you want to show in the file window.
In this tutorial we show you how to use the Navigator to find and select  files based on things like folders, categories, collections, title, description, keywords, camera settings, GPS coordinates, locations and more.
Using the built-in Viewer
The built-in Viewer enables you to display files, present images in full-screen mode and to download original files from the server.
Working with Stacked and Protected Files
This video shows how IMatch WebViewer works with stacked and protected files.