IMatch Anywhere Editions & Pricing

Different users have different needs. Whether you want to use IMatch Anywhere at home or in your business, one of the three available editions will make a perfect fit.

HOME is ideal for use at home, to share images with your family or to browse your database on your tablet or Smart TV. This version supports up to 2 concurrent1 users.

PRO is a perfect match for smaller businesses with a maximum of 5 concurrent1 users.

TEAM is best when you need to support more than 5 concurrent users1 now or in the future. You can dynamically increase the number of concurrent users1 by purchasing additional CAL license packs.

IMatch Anywhere is an add-on for IMatch for Windows.
You’ll need at least one license for IMatch for Windows (sold separately) to create, update and maintain the IMatch database you want to make available via IMatch Anywhere.

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IMatch Anywhere Editions

IMatch Anywhere comes in different editions, for different uses. If you have questions or need advice, contact us.

All reference prices are listed in US$. For prices in your local currency please see the shopping cart page.
Prices and license details are subject to change without notice.

1 Concurrent users means users concurrently (at the same time) working with IMatch Anywhere.
If you have IMatch Anywhere PRO, 5 users can work with the system at the same time. You can allow any number of users access to the system (no named seats), but only 5 can log in at the same time.

2 Number of groups means the number of user groups you can create. With user groups you control which users can access which parts of the database and which features are available to them.

3 Number of users is the number of named users you can create. Each user has a separate log-in and access privileges are configured per user.

4 Security features: CORS, IP filters, URL rewriting

IMatch Anywhere CAL Packs

With CAL Packs you can add additional concurrent users1 to the TEAM edition of IMatch Anywhere.

CAL Pack – Only usable with the TEAM edition. 2 Pack 5 Pack 10 Pack
Each CAL pack adds the specified number of concurrent users.
For example: if you need 10 concurrent users, buy a 5 CAL pack to add 5 more seats to the 5 seats included in the TEAM edition. You can add additional CAL packs at any time.

All reference prices are listed in US$. For prices in your local currency please see the shopping cart page.
Prices and license details are subject to change without notice.

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IMatch Anywhere licenses and CALs (Client Access Licenses) are perpetual, they don’t expire. All updates for your version are free, until the next upgrade is released.

Please see our fair Update & Upgrade Policy for details.

IMatch Anywhere licenses and CALs are bound to a specific computer.
When you activate the included CAL after installing IMatch Anywhere, the CAL is linked with the computer on which you activate the CAL. You cannot activate the same CAL on another computer for at least 90 days.

Separate CAL licenses (TEAM edition only) behave in the same way. When you activate a CAL on a computer, it cannot be activated on another computer for at least 90 days.

You cannot install multiple editions of IMatch Anywhere or multiple instances of the same edition on the same computer.

In the rare case that you need to activate a CAL on another computer less than 90 days after you initially activated it, please contact support for assistance.

Activating CALs

After installing IMatch Anywhere on your system, you need to activate the included CAL once. CAL licenses controls the number of concurrent users available for your installation. You activate CALs in the License Manager in the IMatch WebService Controller application.

See the tutorial Activating CALs and the integrated help system in the WebService Controller for detailed information.

Installing additional CAL Packs

If you use the TEAM edition, you can purchase and activate additional CAL Packs to increase the number of concurrent users. You activate CAL Packs in the same way as regular CAL licenses.

Activating CALs on computers without an Internet connection

You can activate CALs manually if the computer on which you want to activate them has no Internet connection. You can manually activate a CAL on another computer or your smart phone and then transfer the CAL to the computer running IMatch Anywhere. See the Activating CALs tutorial for instructions.

Splitting CAL Packs

CAL license packs cannot be split. If you have a 10 license pack, you cannot activate 5 licenses on one computer and 5 on another computer. CAL license packs are always activated as a unit.

This also applies when you combine multiple CAL packs in one order. If you buy two 10 CAL packs in one order and you activate that order, you add 20 concurrent user licenses. You cannot split the CAL packs from one order between multiple computers. If you want to activate CAL packs on different computers, buy them in separate orders.