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IMatch Anywhere is an add-on for IMatch. It requires an existing IMatch database to work. If you don't have IMatch for Windows yet, you can create a database and manage your images with the free 30-day trial version of IMatch (see below).

IMatch Anywhere runs on Microsoft Windows 7 and later editions of Windows. See hardware & software requirements for details.

If you install a newer version of IMatch on your computer (trial or licensed version) it automatically detects and updates older versions of IMatch.
Newer versions of IMatch may apply automatic updates to your database, e.g., when a new ExifTool version is included. Newer IMatch versions may also introduce new features which require changes to your database. These changes may render the database unusable for older IMatch versions.

If you, for whatever reason,. plan to install a newer version of IMatch and you want to be able to uninstall it and install an older version again, make sure you backup your database, settings and presets before doing so. See the Backup topic in the IMatch help system for details. This allows you to restore the database and settings matching the older version of IMatch.

Unblocking the help file

After extracting the imatch.chm file from the downloaded archive, right-click the file in Windows Explorer and choose Properties. If the file displays as blocked, un-block it. Otherwise the help may show only empty'pages.