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You can download and try our software for free for 30 days before you buy. This allows you to test our products on your systems, with your files and your workflow. We provide support also for the trial versions.

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Make sure your computer fulfills the IMatch hardware- and software requirements, especially that your CPU has the AVX processor feature.

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IMatch Anywhere is a set of new technologies which add server functionality to IMatch. You now can access IMatch databases from any device and any operating system, locally and remotely. All that's needed is a web browser.

Different users have different needs. Find the perfect IMatch Anywhere Edition for you.

See IMatch Anywhere Overview for videos and detailed information.

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IMatch is distributed by our e-Commerce partner MyCommerce / Digital River. Buy safely and securely from one of the world's largest e-commerce companies.


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Contact & Support

The primary support forum for IMatch is the free web site. Here you can ask questions and discuss product and general  DAM-related topics with other users from all over the world.

See our support page for more ways to reach us.

Whether you already have a license or you are working with a trial version: We do pre-sales support. Just ask if you have questions.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Information about specific hard- and software requirements for our products is collected on the Hardware & Software Requirements page.

The Order Process

You purchase our products via the MyCommerce web site, using their reliable and secure order process. After your purchase has been completed, MyCommerce sends you an email with your individual license key.

With this license key and your email address you can then immediately download the licensed version of your product from the customer portal. The download link and instructions are also contained in the email from MyCommerce.

If you have installed a trial version of one of our products, installing the licensed version automatically replaces the trial version with the licensed version.

Your License

As long as your license is valid you can always download the most recent version of the product from the customer portal. If you need to re-install or you buy a new computer, just download and install the product again.

For selected products or server editions of products we may link licenses to a specific computer (machine lock). In that case you cannot install the product on multiple computers at the same time. Usually you can install the license on another computer after 90 days.

The help system or documentation included with the product has detailed information about the license agreement associated with the product. The license agreement is displayed during the installation process and you need to read and accept it before you can install the product.

If you have questions, lost your license info or you need assistance with installing or upgrading one of our products, contact us via one of the ways listed on the support page.

Downloading and Installing Updates

We release updates for our products regularly. Our products check for updates and inform you automatically when new updates are available. If you have disabled this automatic check, you can check for updates manually or via the About box in the user interface of the product.

Information about updates is also published on our Facebook page, announced via Twitter and the Announcement Board in the

To download the most recent version of your product, just log into the customer portal using your email address and license key.

Update and Upgrade Policy

Updates: Our products use an agile development model. New versions are released frequently, incorporating new features, enhancements of existing functionality and the occasional bug fix. The development of our products is steered in close cooperation with the user base via the These regular updates are available free of charge to all licensed users of the corresponding product line and version.

Upgrades: Upgrades are major product releases which often contain significant changes and feature enhancements for the product. Upgrades are fee-based and require payment if you want to get access to them.

When we release a new upgrade, customers who have purchased the corresponding previous version can upgrade for a fair upgrade fee (discounted upgrade). The discounted upgrade may be limited to a certain time period.

Customers who have purchased the product within six (6) months before the release date of a paid upgrade are automatically eligible for a free upgrade.

Server Products

For some server products,additional license, update, upgrade and maintenance restrictions may apply. Please see the license agreement that comes with the product for detailed information.

CALs (Client Access Licenses)

If you use separate CALs with your product, these CALs may require updates when a new major product version is released. CALs created for older products may not be compatible with newer product versions.

End of Support / End-of-Life

Support for the previous major product version ends six (6) months after the successor version has been released. For example: Six months after IMatch 10 has been released, no support is available anymore for IMatch version 9.5 or older.

If the product has a perpetual license you can still continue using it as long as you want. You just don't get any support from us and no updates or bug fixes will be made available to you anymore. The product may stop working if it becomes incompatible with a later edition of the operating system or components released after the end-of-life of the product. We only ensure compatibility for supported products.

Refunds Policy

NO REFUNDS. Since is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds after the purchase is made, which you are responsible for understanding upon placing the order.

We offer free and fully functional trial versions for our products. And we offer support for these trial versions. This means you can try out our products on your systems and with your data before you spend any money. Use this offer to make sure that out products perform as described and works well for your purposes.

If you don't accept this, or this no refunds policy is illegal where you live, please don't purchase our products.

All information on this page is subject to change without notice. By ordering you agree to these terms.

Your Discounts and Upgrades

Log into the customer portal to check your license status and to see discounts and vouchers available to you.