IMatch is a Windows application, it does not run natively on Apple or Linux computers.

Minimal Configuration for IMatch

  1. PC with a Pentium-2 GHz or higher processor (or compatible)
  2. Microsoft Windows 7 (with platform update 1 – KB2670838), Windows 8, Windows 10 or later (64-bit only).
  3. 4 GB RAM
  4. Hard disk space: 200 MB for the IMatch software and accompanying files, several free gigabytes for the IMatch database and cache files. An SSD is recommended for best performance.
  5. 1600 x 800 screen resolution minimum
  6. Graphic adapter with support for at least Direct X 11 (Windows 7 with platform update 1), 1 GB Video RAM or more.
  7. Compatible Mouse or other pointing device

For larger databases with 100,000 or more images,  8 GB RAM  and a hard disk with at least 100 GB are recommended.
Like all database applications, IMatch benefits in many ways from fast hard disks or, even better, a fast SSD.

Configuration for IMatch Anywhere WebServices (IMWS)

Basically the same requirements as for IMatch above.

If you have only a few users or you work with small databases only, IMWS runs fine on low-end hardware like Notebooks or even a better-equipped ‘Stick PC’. For large databases > 100,000 files or many simultaneously active users, a more powerful PC with 4 or 8 cores and 8 or more  GB RAM is recommended.

IMWS utilizes multiple cores well and benefits a lot from extra RAM for caching and a fast SSD for database and cache image storage.