IMatch is a Windows application, it does not run naively on Apple or Linux computers.

Minimal Configuration for IMatch

  1. PC with a two or more cores and 2 GHz or higher
  2. Processor with support for AVX (available since around 2011).
    See Is your computer ready for IMatch for more information
  3. Microsoft Windows 10 or later (64-bit only)
  4. 4 GB RAM
  5. Hard disk space: 300 MB for the IMatch software and accompanying files, several free gigabytes for the IMatch database and cache files.
    A SSD is highly recommended for database storage for best performance.
  6. 1600 x 800 screen resolution minimum
  7. Graphic adapter with support for at least Direct X 11 (Windows 7 with platform update 1), 2 GB Video RAM or more.
  8. Compatible Mouse or other pointing device

For larger databases with 100,000 or more images,  8 GB RAM  and a SSD for database storage are recommended.
Like all database applications, IMatch benefits in many ways from fast hard disks or, even better, a fast SSD.

WIC Codecs for RAW Processing

Windows 8 and later include a set of WIC codecs which support most common RAW formats.
If you are still using Windows 7, you need to download the WIC Codec Pack from the Microsoft web site separately. Your camera vendor may offer WIC codecs which produce better results than the built-in WIC codecs in Windows.

See WIC Support and Codec Availability for more information.

Configuration for IMatch Anywhere WebServices (IMWS)

Basically the same requirements as for IMatch above.

If you have only a few users or you work with small databases only, IMWS runs fine on low-end hardware like Notebooks or even a better-equipped ‘Stick PC’. For large databases > 100,000 files or many simultaneously active users, a more powerful PC with 4 or 8 cores and 8 or more  GB RAM is recommended.

IMWS utilizes multiple cores well and benefits a lot from extra RAM for caching and a fast SSD for database and cache image storage.