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Free video tutorials and in-depth know-how articles for IMatch.

IMatch is a Digital Asset Management system (DAM) for Windows. It solves the problem of managing small and large collections of digital files by making them searchable and accessible. IMatch provides tools for organizing, finding, viewing, presenting, processing and converting images, music, videos, PDF and Office documents and all other digital files.

The IMatch Online Help System

Access the comprehensive IMatch Online Documentation in your web browser from anywhere.
To open it from inside IMatch, press just press F1 on your keyboard.
Also useful: IMatch – Frequently Asked Questions.

IMatch Overview
This video gives you a short overview of the look and features of IMatch.
Please refer to the other videos on this page for information about how to install and use IMatch.
Installing IMatch
This short video shows you how to download and install the free 30-Day TRIAL version of Match on your computer.
Creating Your Database
This video demonstrates how to create your IMatch database and how to perform the initial configuration. This needs to be done only once because an IMatch databases can easily manage hundreds of thousands of files.
Adding Files to Your Database
This video explains how add files to your database. As soon as your files are indexed, you can start managing them with all the features available in IMatch. This video also gives a short overview of the Media & Folders View, the File Window and the Metadata Panel.
The File Window
The File Window is where you do most of your work in IMatch. It displays the files in folders, categories, collections and the timeline.
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to view files, how to control the sort order and the data displayed for files. We also explain important concepts like the scope and the hierarchical display mode and show you how to search for files.
The File Window: Custom/Manual Sort Orders
In this video we’ll show you how to create custom sort orders by manually dragging files around in File Windows. This allows you to arrange your files in any order you like.
Working with Ratings, Labels and Collections
This video demonstrates how to use ratings, labels and other collections in IMatch. It shows how to reject files and how to use the Undo command. The video also introduces the Collection View, which is a powerful and unique IMatch feature.
Using IMatch Panels and Workspaces
This video explains how to work with IMatch panels and how you can easily customize the IMatch workspace to your taste.
IMatch allows you to create any number of workspaces to support different stages of your workflow or to adapt to different screen sizes and layouts.
Working with Files and Folders
In this tutorial we show you how to use the powerful built-in file system functions in IMatch to move, copy, rename and delete files and folders.
We introduce the Reject Rating and show you how to open your files in other applications.
Working with Metadata
This video tutorial shows you how to add, edit and update metadata (XMP, EXIF, IPTC, …) with the IMatch Metadata Panel.
See how to add titles, descriptions, copyright notices and more to your images and other files.
Metadata and the Universal Thesaurus
See how the IMatch Universal Thesaurus improves your workflow when editing metadata in the Metadata Panel.
Working with Keywords
In this video we show you how to add, edit and modify keywords in the IMatch Keyword Panel. Get up to speed with all keywording and tagging features in IMatch in less than 10 minutes.
See also Free Controlled Vocabularies for IMatch for more information and download links for controlled keyword vocabularies.
The @Keywords Category
The @Keywords category combines the best of IMatch dynamic categories and hierarchical keywords.
See how you can use @Keywords to add, update or modify keywords for selected files or all files in the database. And how to use @Keywords to find and filter files.
The File Window Search Bar
The search bar is a convenient and powerful search tool. See how you can quickly locate files by file or folder name, metadata, Attributes and more.
Face Recognition and People
In this video we explain how face recognition in IMatch works and how it integrates with the powerful ‘People’ features to allow you to create and manage any number of persons in your database.
We show how to run face detection, how to create and assign persons to these faces, how to train the IMatch AI and how to use the unique ‘Face Manager’ to quickly process thousands of faces.
The Copy Data App
Using the Copy Data App to transfer data from IMatch to other applications.
Copy Selected Metadata Between Files Easily in the Metadata Panel
Using this feature allows you to copy selected metadata values (tags) from the focused file to any number of other selected files. This can save you a lot of time when you need to sync or add metadata between files.