IMatch Anywhere

IMatch Anywhere™ is an add-on for IMatch, which extends IMatch with server functionality. With IMatch Anywhere, you can now access IMatch contents from any device and any operating system with a modern web browser in your local or corporate network.

What Does IMatch Anywhere Do?

The IMatch Anywhere add-on for IMatch enables you to:

  • browse your files in a web browser on your tablet or smart phone
  • access IMatch from Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, …
  • present your files on a Smart TV
  • give friends and family access to your image collection (from within your local network or even over the Internet1)
  • setup an affordable and easy to maintain DAM for your company or institution

Watch this overview video for more information about IMatch Anywhere and typical usage scenarios.

For more free videos, visit the IMatch Anywhere Learning Center.

IMatch Anywhere Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

IMatch Anywhere is available in different editions, for different audiences and environments.

IMatch WebServices™

The core component of IMatch Anywhere is a server-ready standalone version of the IMatch WebServices (IMWS) also included in IMatch. IMWS implements a standard web service that can be used by software, apps and other web services to access IMatch databases remotely.

IMatch WebServices have been designed for excellent performance even for large databases. They include security features and a easy to use and flexible group and user management system. You stay in control over who can access your IMatch database and which parts of it.

IMatch WebViewer™

The IMatch WebViewer included in IMatch Anywhere is a powerful and easy to use web application for accessing IMatch databases remotely. IMatch WebViewer runs in any modern web browser and on any device and operating system. Browse IMatch databases on Android or Apple tablets, Windows and Linux computers or your smart TV.

See IMatch Anywhere in action in the IMatch Anywhere Learning Center.

Typical Usage Scenarios

IMatch Anywhere creates new ways of working with IMatch. From zero-install usage to cost-efficient access to DAM functionality within corporations. Here are some examples:

Easy User Interface

IMatch WebViewer uses a simplified user interface with a reduced feature set to allow users with any level of DAM experience to work efficiently with IMatch database contents.

IMatch at Home, Anywhere

Make your IMatch database accessible on your desktop computer, notebook, tablet, smart phone, Smart TV, … Share your database with family and friends – all that’s needed to access IMatch remotely is a web browser.

On The Road

Access your IMatch database remotely. Present photos while visiting clients, friends or relatives. Lookup information while at work or on-location.

Client Access

Present and distribute your images and other files to your clients. Allow clients to browse selected areas of your database from anywhere via a web browser.

Corporate and Institutional Use

Implement a company-wide DAM system with minimal effort and cost. Give any number of users access to your image library and control which user sees what with the integrated access control system. All that’s needed is a Windows PC for running IMatch WebServices, and web browsers for all users who want to access the IMatch database.

Access Control

IMatch Anywhere implements an easy to manage group- and user-based access control mechanism.
Restrict which users can see which parts of your database. Limit the operations they can perform, e.g., metadata or category editing, access to original files, image downloads).


Use DAM services provided by IMatch Anywhere in your app, on your server, content management system etc. The functions provided by IMWS are documented and can be used easily from JavaScript or other programming languages which implement features to utilize REST services.

Security Considerations

IMatch Anywhere has been designed to be used in secure home or corporate networks. We don’t recommend making it directly accessible from the Internet for security reasons. Always use a VPN or run IMatch Anywhere WebServices behind a hardened reverse proxy when you want to allow direct access from the Internet. See the IMatch Anywhere documentation for more information.