Installation Instructions

Please follow the instructions given below for a safe and successful installation experience. Contact us if you need assistance.

Installing the Trial Version

Download the trial version from the download page to a folder on your computer. Open this folder in Windows Explorer after the download has completed and double-click on the downloaded file to install IMatch on your computer. IMatch uses standard Windows installation technology for clean installs and removals.

Please see hardware and software requirements before you download and install IMatch.

Restrictions in the 30-day Trial Version

The trial version of IMatch is fully functional. All databases older than 30 days will become read-only automatically. You can still open them in the trial version, but all features which update the database are disabled. The licensed version of IMatch of course opens all databases in fully writable mode.

Buying IMatch

If you like IMatch and you want to buy a license for it, just follow this link. Alternatively, click on the Buy Now button displayed by the trial version at the top of the IMatch main window.

Installing the Licensed Version

To install the licensed version of IMatch on your system, please download the latest update for IMatch from the customerWeb to a folder on your hard disk. Open this folder in Windows Explorer after the download has completed and double-click the downloaded file to start the installation process.

The installer automatically detects and replaces older versions of IMatch. If you have installed a trial version of IMatch and now are installing the licensed version, the installer automatically replaces the trial version with the licensed version.

Re-Installing IMatch

If you need to re-install IMatch on a new computer, just follow the instructions given under Installing the Licensed Version above.

If you install IMatch on another computer, you will need to copy your database and the settings database to the new system. See Traveling with IMatch in the IMatch help for more information.

The Pack & Go utility included in IMatch is a big help when using IMatch on multiple computers. This tool can copy all settings, apps, presets and other custom data between computers. See the IMatch help for detailed information.


If you copy IMatch to another computer or you have to re-install it after a hard-disk failure, your database will initially report all files as off-line. This is because the files are now on a new (or different) hard disk. Use the Relocate command to tell IMatch that your files are now on a new computer / hard disk. See the IMatch help system on Relocate for detailed information.

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