IMatch 2020 – What’s New?

This video shows all new major features in action. Follow this link if the video is not displayed correctly.

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Major Enhancements in IMatch 2020:

Face RecognitionOn your PC. No Cloud. No Privacy Issues
IMatch Events – Organize Files Using Events
AutoTaggerAutomatically Add Keywords using AI Services
TimeWiz Modify File Dates and Times Easily
Over 50 New Features, Apps and Enhancements
Improved Performance, Stability and Security

All IMatch users are encouraged to upgrade to IMatch 2020 as soon as possible. It not only has awesome new features but also contains critical bug fixes, security enhancements and up-to-date versions of important 3rd party components.
IMatch 2020 introduces the IMatch AI for face detection and recognition. Surrounding this new technology are features like the People View, the People Filter, new File Window attributes to display person data, matching variables and person-based sort profiles.

The new IMatch Events concept allows you to organize files based on events like ‘Paul’s Birthday’ or ‘City Trip to London’ in a very intuitive and visual way. There is an Event Filter and you can sort files based on events, too.

The TimeWiz app makes correcting, shifting, setting and manipulating date and time information in your images super easy.

The handy IMatch Clipboard helps with typical reorganization tasks like moving files around, combining files from multiple sources, dealing with duplicates, merging files from different folders or categories and more.

The ‘Did You Know?’ app offers free advice, tips & tricks on all features and options in IMatch. A great help for casual users or users who don’t read the IMatch help end-to-end ?

The IMatch Notepad allows you to keep notes where you can see them. Use it to remember frequently used variables. Workflow tips. Instructions. Keep notes on specific settings and options you prefer.

With the new Metadata Analyst you can quickly check files for potential metadata problems. This tool also helps us to help you, when you contact support or request help in the user community.

For this upgrade we did a lot of work on the core technologies of IMatch, to make it even more reliable and faster. These optimizations result in faster processing of categories and collections to reduce lag when working with features like the File Window, keywords, filters and data-driven categories. Background operations have been optimized and startup time reduced.

We’ve upgraded all relevant 3rd party components used in IMatch to their latest versions in order to improve compatibility and stability.

For a full list of all changes, enhancements and bug fixes, see the release notes for IMatch 2020.

How to Order

To purchase licenses for IMatch 2020, visit our shop.

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How to Upgrade

If you already have a license for IMatch 5 or later.
Upgrading to IMatch 2020 is quick and easy. Just install the latest version and continue to work with IMatch.
See Upgrading to IMatch 2020 for important information and step-by-step instructions.

1. Click on the button below to open the customer portal
2. At the top you’ll see your personal upgrade voucher ¹
3. Click on Upgrade Now and follow the instructions

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 ¹Discounts available for users with a license for IMatch 2018 or higher.

If you have an IMatch version older than 2018, you can simply upgrade to the latest version by purchasing a regular license (no discount).

Seamless database upgrades are supported for all databases created with IMatch 5 or later. Users of the legacy IMatch 3 product have to create a new database with the current IMatch version.

Upgrading to IMatch 2020

Upgrading is easy and quick. See Upgrading to IMatch 2020 for more information and step-by-step instructions.

Updated Minimal Hardware Requirements

IMatch 2020 integrates complex AI technology and requires processors with AVX extensions. Virtually all processors manufactured since 2011 support this.
If you plan to run IMatch on a very old or low-end computer, please check with our system information utility if the processor in your computer has AVX extensions and can run IMatch.

See hardware & software requirements for additional information.

Upgrade Fee

  • Users who have purchased IMatch within the six months grace period get a free upgrade automatically
  • Users with a license for IMatch 2018 can upgrade with a fair discount
  • No discounts are available for users of legacy IMatch versions (IMatch 2017 or older)

Claiming your Discount

After logging into the customer portal you will see your personal discount voucher right at the top.
Click on the green button to upgrade. Your discount is automatically applied and you’ll see the reduced price in the MyCommerce shopping basket.

See also our fair update & upgrade policy for more information.

Please show your support for IMatch and our work by purchasing your upgrade.


After downloading the latest version, install it as usual. IMatch automatically updates your database and settings to the latest version.
Please read Upgrading to IMatch 2020 for important information and step-by-step instructions.

End-of-Life Announcement for IMatch 2019

Support for IMatch version 2019 ends end on August 31, 2020.
Support for older IMatch versions has been discontinued.

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