The System Information Utility

This free utility performs some checks on your system to determine if your computer can run IMatch or IMatch Anywhere™ successfully.

Download the Utility

Please download the latest version of the System Information Utility by clicking this button:

Download the file to a known folder on your system, for example into the Windows Download folder.
Open this folder in Windows Explorer afterwards.

Extract and Run

The downloaded file is and you must extract its contents before you can run it.
Right-click on the file in Windows Explorer and choose Extract from the context menu. This gives you a file named ptc-sysinfo.exe in the same folder.

Hold down the Shift key and right-click onptc-sysinfo.exe. From the menu, choose the Copy as path command. This copies the fully-qualified file name of the file into the Windows clipboard.

Image showing the download folder.

Open a Command Prompt

From the Windows START menu, open a command prompt window. Press Windows Key + S and search for cmd. Then select the Command Prompt App from the result list.

Opening a command prompt

Run the Utility

Right-click into the window that now opens. This pastes the name of the ptc-sysinfo.exe application into the console window. Press Enter on your keyboard.

Running the System Information Utility.

The Results

The important information is the support for AVX, which is required to run IMatch 2020.

AVX is a technology that has been introduced in 2011 for both Intel and AMD processors. See this Wikipedia Article for more information.

If your computer has a processor produced before 2011 or it uses one of the rare processors without AVX, you cannot run IMatch 2020 on that computer.

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