The System Information Utility

What is This? IMatch 2020 and IMatch Anywhere™ 2019.11.2 and later include advanced AI-based technology. To support this, our products require that the processors in your computer support a technology called AVX (Advanced Vector Instructions). This technology is standard in virtually all processors manufactured since 2011. Only very low-end computers or special computers like stick

Description and Keywords added by the AI

Computer Vision in IMatch – Initial Results

Computer Vision and Machine Learning in IMatch Modern AI-based technology makes it possible to automatically add descriptions and keywords to images. To detect persons and objects, recognize faces, ethnicity, age, gender and sentiment. While surely not useful for all IMatch users, the possibilities and time-saving potential is tantalizing. Especially if you have 50,000+ untagged files

Using Google Picasa™ Face Tags in IMatch

Viewing, using and editing face tags created in Google Picasa or Adobe Lightroom is easy in IMatch. When importing files, IMatch extracts face annotations created by these products from the XMP record and converts them into IMatch Face Annotations. When writing metadata, IMatch converts Face Annotations back into XMP regions automatically. This fully integrates faces - Software for Digital Asset Management, photo cataloging and image management.

IMatch 5 Released

June 2014 is proud to announce the long awaited generation 5 of IMatch. After nearly one year of Beta testing with hundreds of users from all over the world, we finally released IMatch 5 officially today. IMatch is a professional digital asset management system. Like it’s predecessor IMatch 3, IMatch 5 has a strong is now on Facebook.

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