Exporting Images For Devices

Producing content for different devices is a key feature any digital asset management system. The Batch Processor in IMatch enables you to export images in a variety of formats and styles. It offers many options to control features like colors, text, overlays, borders and watermarks.
Examples for images on different devices.

Fill Resize

IMatch 5.2.16 introduces a new Fill Resize method which enables you to create outputs for a wide range of devices, ranging from smart phones to high-resolution TV sets. When choosing the Fill resize method, the Batch Processor produces output files with exactly the specified dimension (e.g., 1920 x 1080 for a HD TV set or tablet).

Automatic Cropping

If the aspect ratios of the input and output images don’t match (e.g., you export a 4:3 image to a 16:9 format), the input image will need to be cropped. The Batch Processor allows you to specify on which edge the cropping occurs, enabling you to keep the ‘important’ part of your image unmodified and in center.

Cropping Modes
The supported fill resize modes make it possible to align the input image on each of the 8 edges and the center point. This allows you to keep the important area of the input images in the center of the output images, even if the aspect ratios vary.


Whether you need to create output images which fit exactly on your smart phone, tablet or TV screen or you need to meet specific media sizes for printing, the new Fill mode added to the Batch Processor makes this easy and automatic even for large image volumes.

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