IMatch 2023 – What’s New?

The video below shows you some of the highlights in IMatch 2023.
See the IMatch 2023 release notes for a full list of all enhancements, changes and bug fixes.

Major Enhancements in IMatch 2023:

IMatch AI – Automatically add keywords to images (no cloud, no privacy issues)
Command Palette – Access IMatch features and options super-fast
AutoFill – Fill any number of metadata tags from sets of values
Families – Organize persons into families and any number of groups
Metadata Compare & Sync – Visual side-by-side comparison of metadata in files
Thesaurus – Apply thesaurus updates to existing keywords in your files
Structured Tags – New tag set editor in the Metadata Panel
Viewer Smart Menu – Access Viewer features and options quickly
Event Pinning – Fix events to specific points in time
Copying Metadata – Now with fine per-tag control in the Metadata Panel

In total over 130 new features, enhancements and bug fixes.
Improved performance, stability and security.
Includes support for new RAW and other file formats
Includes up-to-date versions of all 3rd party components.

All IMatch users are encouraged to upgrade to IMatch 2023 as soon as possible.
It not only has awesome new features but also contains critical bug fixes, security enhancements and updated versions of 3rd party components used by the product.

How to Order

To purchase new licenses for IMatch 2023, visit our shop.

How to Upgrade

Upgrading to IMatch 2023 is quick and easy.
Just download and install the latest version and continue to work with IMatch.
See Upgrading to IMatch 2023 for important information and step-by-step instructions.

Claim Your Discount

1. Log into the customer portal using your email address and IMatch 2021 license key
2. At the top you’ll see your personal upgrade voucher ¹. Click on Upgrade Now and follow the instructions

If you have an IMatch version older than 2021, you can simply upgrade to the latest version by purchasing a regular license (no discount). Seamless database upgrades are supported for all databases created with IMatch 5 or later.

¹ Discounts available for users with a license for IMatch 2021 or higher.
See our fair update & upgrade policy for more information.

Minimal Hardware Requirements

Since version 2020, IMatch integrates complex AI technology and requires processors with AVX extensions. Virtually all processors manufactured since 2011 support this. If you plan to run IMatch on a very old or low-end computer, please check with our system information utility if the processor in your computer has AVX extensions and can run IMatch.
See hardware & software requirements for additional information.

Upgrade Fee

  • Users who have purchased IMatch within the six months grace period get a free upgrade automatically
  • Users with a license for IMatch 2021 can upgrade with a very fair discount
  • No discounts are available for users of legacy IMatch versions (IMatch 2020 or older)

End-of-Life Announcement for IMatch 2021

Support for IMatch version 2021 ends six month after the release of IMatch 2023.
Support for older IMatch versions has been discontinued.