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This category contains Know-how articles and tutorials for IMatch plus articles about Digital Asset Management (DAM) and digital imaging in general.

The File Window displaying multiple keywords per row.

Tune Your File Window Layouts

The File Window in IMatch can be customized in many ways using file window layouts. You have full control over whether you use a thumbnail or a tabular layout and over the data to be included for each file. This know-how article explains some tricks which you can use with custom templates in conjunction with …

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Consolidating XMP Color Labels

XMP Labels XMP metadata includes an optional field named label. A label is a text or tag you can assign to an image. Digital asset management systems with XMP support like IMatch use this label for various purposes. Common examples are labels like ‘Red’, ‘For Review’, ‘Für den Druck’ or similar. Most XMP-aware applications also …

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Using Google Picasa™ Face Tags in IMatch

[icon_text icon=”Warning” link=””] This article is for an older version of IMatch. Since version 2020 IMatch includes AI-powered face detection technology and powerful features for managing people. See People and Face Recognition in the IMatch help system for more information.[/icon_text] Viewing, using and editing face tags created in Google Picasa or Adobe Lightroom is easy …

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Exporting Images For Devices

Producing content for different devices is a key feature any digital asset management system. The Batch Processor in IMatch enables you to export images in a variety of formats and styles. It offers many options to control features like colors, text, overlays, borders and watermarks. Fill Resize IMatch 5.2.16 introduces a new Fill Resize method …

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