Quick Tip: Opening Selected Files in a Result Window

An often overlooked but useful feature in the File Window is to open the selected files in a new result window. This feature allows you to work on a subset of the images in the current scope, which may provide a better overview in some situations. Or you use the File Window Search Bar or

IMatch 2018 Key Graphic

IMatch 2018 – What’s New?

IMatch Version 2018: Over 40 New Features and Enhancements Improved Performance, Stability and Security New Helpful Apps For the 2018 major upgrade we did a lot work on the core technologies of IMatch, to make it even more reliable and faster. These optimizations resulted in faster startup and database loading. Faster processing of categories and

IMatch Frequently Asked Questions

This page has answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about IMatch. General Questions What is IMatch do? IMatch is an Advanced Digital Asset Management  (DAM) software for Windows. What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)? Digital Asset Management provides solutions to store, organize, find, retrieve, view, process, print and share digital files. Why do

The App Panel at different scales

App Panel Scaling

IMatch apps are designed to be responsive and adapt to the current screen resolution. But sometimes this may not be enough, for example, when you want to use very small App Panels to maximize the screen estate available for other panels or the file window. Or when you use IMatch on a small tablet or

API Keys

This page explains how to request and use API keys for various geocoding and mapping providers.

Developer Center Logo

IMatch Developer Center

View IMatch and IMWS Developer DocumentationIn this section you’ll find free resources, tutorials and samples for developers. Learn how to write scripts and apps that use IMatch WebServices to access IMatch database contents. The guides in this section are both for the standalone IMatch Anywhere™ product line and for the IMatch WebServices™ embedded in IMatch

IMatch Logo with Cloud

IMatch and Cloud Storage

Services like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and others make it very easy to backup files into the cloud. This is often used as a second or third tier backup strategy. In addition to local backups of all your important files for easy and quick recovery. This know-how article explains how your can integrate cloud

IMatch Anywhere Schema

IMatch Anywhere Reviewer’s Guide

If you are about to review IMatch Anywhere, this guide will save you some time. It combines all important information and links to additional resources on one page. What is IMatch Anywhere? IMatch Anywhere™ is a set of new technologies which add server functionality to IMatch. You now can access IMatch databases from any device

IMatch Keyword Panel

Free Controlled Vocabularies for IMatch

The IMatch Thesaurus is a very powerful tool for creating and managing controlled vocabularies  – not only for keywords! What is a Controlled Vocabulary? A controlled vocabulary (Wikipedia) is basically a list of hierarchical keywords and synonyms. Instead of manually entering keywords, you pick them from the thesaurus. This not only makes keywording (tagging) files