Why Upgrade?

If you are using a legacy version of IMatch (v5 or even v3) there are many good reasons to upgrade:

  • Continuous Support
    Priority email support from the developers and in the photools.community.
    Questions asked in the community are answered within hours. Emails to the developer are usually answered within 8 hours or less. Competently! We don't use canned responses or email robots.

  • Frequent Updates
    IMatch uses an agile development model. New versions are released every six to eight weeks, including enhancements, new features and bug fixes. In the rare case that a critical bug is identified, we release an update as soon as the bug has been fixed.

  • 64-bit Version included
    The fastest IMatch version ever. IMatch 64-bit utilizes the huge memory sizes available on today's computers and the performance features of modern 64-bit processors. This means IMatch 64-bit can handle massive database sizes and even very large image files (panoramas!).

  • IMatch Anywhere™ - IMatch on Any Device
    Modern versions of IMatch allow you to use the IMatch Anywhere add-on to make your databases accessible from any device and operating system. Browse your image collection on your tablet, smart phone or Smart TV. On Windows, Linux, Android or iOS.

  • Support for Current and Future Windows Versions
    Windows changes all the time and a breaking change may cause legacy versions of IMatch to stop working.
    Current versions of IMatch are kept up-to-date and run on all modern Windows editions.

  • Support for New Technologies and File Formats
    Cameras, file formats, metadata standards change frequently. IMatch is actively maintained and kept up-to-date with modern technologies and file formats. IMatch not only manages images but also video files, audio files, Office and PDF documents and more.

How to Upgrade

To find out which version you use, go to Help menu > About in IMatch. The dialog box displays the version number at the top.

Upgrading from IMatch 5.x

If you are currently using IMatch 5.x, you can just purchase your new license and then download and install the current version of IMatch.

If you have a license for IMatch 5.5 or higher, you have a special discount waiting in the customer portal.
Just log-in to see your discount voucher right at the top.

See the Shop page for details, rebates and conditions.

Upgrading from IMatch 3.x

If you are using the legacy IMatch 3 product, you'll need to convert your database before it can be used with the current version. IMatch includes a database converter which does this for you. The process is mostly automatic and does not modify your IMatch 3 database.

Note: You need to install the 32-bit version of IMatch to use the database converter.

Please see this page for detailed instructions: Upgrading from IMatch 3 to the current IMatch version.

See the Shop page for details, rebates and conditions.

Got a Coupon Code?

To claim your rebate, enter the coupon code during the order process:

Entering a Coupon Code

Have Questions?

If you have questions, please ask us via one of the channels listed on our support page.

Video Tutorials

The IMatch Learning Center has free video tutorials for IMatch. See how to install and configure it, how to create your database and how to use the main features.