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View IMatch and IMWS Developer DocumentationIn this section you’ll find free resources, tutorials and samples for developers. Learn how to write scripts and apps that use IMatch WebServices to access IMatch database contents. The guides in this section are both for the standalone IMatch Anywhere™ product line and for the IMatch WebServices™ embedded in IMatch

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IMatch Anywhere Reviewer’s Guide

If you are about to review IMatch Anywhere, this guide will save you some time. It combines all important information and links to additional resources on one page. What is IMatch Anywhere? IMatch Anywhere™ is a set of new technologies which add server functionality to IMatch. You now can access IMatch databases from any device

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Activating IMatch Anywhere CAL Licenses

After installing IMatch Anywhere on a computer you have to activate the included Client Access License (CAL) once. After the CAL has been activated, IMatch WebServices are ready to use. CAL licenses are linked to a specific computer. After activating the CAL you cannot activate it on another computer for at least 90 days. How

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IMatch Anywhere Frequently Asked Questions

This page has answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about IMatch Anywhere™. General Questions What do I need to run IMatch Anywhere? IMatch Anywhere runs on Windows 7 and later. It can be independently installed from IMatch for Windows. The hardware and software requirements are basically the same as for IMatch. Make sure

IMatch Anywhere Licensing

Edition HOME PRO TEAM $55 $195 $400 Number of concurrent users You can have any number of users, but only this number of users can connect to IMatch Anywhere at the same time. 2 5 5 Add more concurrent users via CAL license packs The TEAM edition allows you to increase the number of concurrent

IMatch Anywhere Learning Center

Welcome to the IMatch Anywhere™ Learning Center – the place for free video tutorials, in-depth know-how articles and answers to frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the embedded videos below, your browser is blocking them. Visit our YouTube Channel for all videos. What is IMatch Anywhere? IMatch Anywhere adds server functionality to IMatch. When

IMatch Anywhere Overview

IMatch Anywhere™

IMatch Anywhere is a set of new technologies which add server functionality to IMatch. You now can access IMatch databases from any device and any operating system, locally and remotely. All that’s needed is a web browser. What Does IMatch Anywhere Do? IMatch Anywhere is an add-on for IMatch. It enables you to: browse your