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This offer has expired. IMatch is a professional Digital Asset Management (DAM) system for Windows. Easy for beginners but powerful and flexible enough for the most demanding users. On the market for more than 15 years, IMatch now has users in over 70 countries. Christmas Special 2020 For a limited time, we offer a 25%

Quick Tip: Opening Selected Files in a Result Window

An often overlooked but useful feature in the File Window is to open the selected files in a new result window. This feature allows you to work on a subset of the images in the current scope, which may provide a better overview in some situations. Or you use the File Window Search Bar or

Description and Keywords added by the AI

Computer Vision in IMatch – Initial Results

Computer Vision and Machine Learning in IMatch Modern AI-based technology makes it possible to automatically add descriptions and keywords to images. To detect persons and objects, recognize faces, ethnicity, age, gender and sentiment. While surely not useful for all IMatch users, the possibilities and time-saving potential is tantalizing. Especially if you have 50,000+ untagged files

The App Panel at different scales

App Panel Scaling

IMatch apps are designed to be responsive and adapt to the current screen resolution. But sometimes this may not be enough, for example, when you want to use very small App Panels to maximize the screen estate available for other panels or the file window. Or when you use IMatch on a small tablet or

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Uninstalling IMatch 5 after installing IMatch 2019

If you install IMatch 2019, it automatically migrates all IMatch 5 settings, presets and other data. This allows you to run IMatch 5 and IMatch 2017 side-by-side, e.g., while you are testing things or migrate your scripts. Uninstalling IMatch 5 After Installing IMatch 2019 When you’re ready to switch to IMatch 2019, you can uninstall

IMatch Logo with Cloud

IMatch and Cloud Storage

Services like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and others make it very easy to backup files into the cloud. This is often used as a second or third tier backup strategy. In addition to local backups of all your important files for easy and quick recovery. This know-how article explains how your can integrate cloud

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Activating IMatch Anywhere CAL Licenses

After installing IMatch Anywhere on a computer you have to activate the included Client Access License (CAL) once. After the CAL has been activated, IMatch WebServices are ready to use. CAL licenses are linked to a specific computer. After activating the CAL you cannot activate it on another computer for at least 90 days. How

IMatch Keyword Panel

Free Controlled Vocabularies for IMatch

The IMatch Thesaurus is a very powerful tool for creating and managing controlled vocabularies  – not only for keywords! What is a Controlled Vocabulary? A controlled vocabulary (Wikipedia) is basically a list of hierarchical keywords and synonyms. Instead of manually entering keywords, you pick them from the thesaurus. This not only makes keywording (tagging) files

Putting Some Smarts Into File Names

Using smart file names can be a key for successful digital asset management. Some users prefer to include dates in file names. Other users include project codes or use a globally unique file naming schema. Whatever naming schema you decide to use, IMatch has tools to make the job easier. IMatch includes a powerful tool