IMatch 3

Since 2001 IMatch is the Image Management Solution of choice for photographers, graphic artists, librarians, scientists, insurance companies, the health-care industry and police, military and governmental users in over 60 countries. All need a reliable, powerful and flexible software for their daily image management. IMatch delivers.

How do You organize your fast-growing image collection?

With digital cameras, it’s easier than ever to shoot hundreds or even thousands of photos. But how can you organize and archive these photos efficiently?

The IMatch WorkspaceIMatch provides unique ways of managing digital images and digital other documents. It handles all the physical image files on your hard disk, removable media and remote media.

In addition it allows you to create multiple different virtual views on your files.  You can use this unique feature to combine your images into categories, albums, family trees or whatever structure you need to efficiently manage your collection.

Features at a Glance

  • Excellent performance for small and large databases
  • Virtually no limit for the number of images per database
  • Support for over 100 image file formats, including native or WIC support for digital RAW files, including Nikon NEF/NRW, Canon CRW/CR2, Olympus ORF, Fuji RAF, Sony MRW, SRF, …
  • Support for non-image formats like MPEG, PDF, MP3, DOC, ….
  • Unique dynamic categorization feature
  • Synchronized side-by-side viewing of up to four images
  • Slide Show for presentation and culling
  • XMP® Support (read and write, embedding and sidecar files)
  • Supports for classic IIM IPTC and XMP IPTC Core with automatic migration
  • Support for GPS data
  • EXIF 2.2 support (including hundreds of vendor-specific maker notes)
  • Advanced search engine to find images quickly by many criteria, including binary duplicates, visually similar images, images with specific colors, …
  • Customizable Web and HTML support
  • Built-in image editor with automatic red-eye removal, loss-less JPEG rotation, …
  • Built-in Contact Sheet Builder and Batch Processor
  • Comfortable file management functions
  • Smart Batch Rename with many features
  • Integrates other applications via customizable menus and drag & drop
  • Printing support and email integration
  • Powerful scripting language to automate frequent tasks.  Access to hundreds of free scripts via the IMatch Wiki
  • Control other applications from within IMatch using scripts
  • Extensive Import and Export features, including script support to import and export data from other systems, databases, web sites, …
  • Unmatched flexibility for removable media (CD-ROM, DVD, BR-D)

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