is a leading developer of Digital Asset Management (DAM) . Since 1998 we have been developing and supporting reliable image management and cataloging software for professional and amateur photographers, scientists, corporate and governmental users.

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German engineering combined with hands-on photographic skills. That’s the reason why so many users from over 60 countries trust products since 1998.

IMatch is a leading application for digital asset management, photo cataloging and digital image management.

IMatch 5 is a Digital Asset Management database system. It solves the problem of cataloging and managing collections of digital files by making them searchable and accessible. IMatch provides tools for organizing, finding, viewing, presenting, processing and converting images, music, videos, PDF and  Office documents and other digital assets.

Why IMatch?

  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Highly flexible and customizable for expert users
  • Packed with features
  • Fully functional and free 30-day trial version
  • Vendor-independent, works with all your software
  • Build from ground-up as an Open System, never locks you in
  • Supports all relevant metadata standards (IPTC, EXIF, XMP, GPS, PDF, ID3, …)
  • Supports all major image and RAW formats, Office, PDF, MP3 and all other files
  • Adapts to your workflow and manages your files where they are
  • Direct and personal support by the developers
  • Large and helpful user community

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The Independent DAM

Don’t lock yourself into a specific RAW processor or DAM solution. IMatch keeps your data free and fluid by implementing established and open metadata standards like XMP, IPTC and EXIF. Freely choose the RAW processor, image editor and other software you want to use now and in the future.

How People Work With IMatch

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Let IMatch help you organizing, cataloging and managing your digital images, documents and other digital assets. Manage your metadata professionally. Work quicker, organize better and free time for other things. IMatch works great with your RAW processor and image editor, integrates other software and allows you to manage all your files in one application.

The IMatch Knowledge Base

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