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Started by Steve01, April 28, 2018, 04:00:36 PM

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Trialling iMatch downloaded yesterday 27apr2018
scanned a test folder on my test drive G drive, it has a test video files folder and in this are:-
DVD_RTAV VideoTestAbuttWords 0-47xp
DVD_RTAV test non abutted words 0-16 xp g20   
VR_MOVIE_FantasticGoal F.mpg

DVD_RTAV folders are how videos come onto PC from DVD_RAM discs from Panasonic DVD HDD recorder, they then get quickstream fixed and demuxed and become .mpg

I have loads of these video folders I need to catalog on internal and also removeable usb_HDD drives from westernDigital user named  usb_HDD_001    usb_HDD_002 etc   along with images and non raster files.

How do I locate these video folders as such searching on part of name ?

I selected 'search everywhere' in the drop down list options, typed Abutt and nothing was found.
I also wonder what is procedure for abutted words.

I have experienced with other progs tested some issues where words are abutted such as VideoTest where Video is searched on and finds it but Test doesnt, neither does *Test.  A code now exists I see and I used it in IDimager but today that failed to find an abutted word.

Here I have non abutted words as well abutted even searching on the word 'non' did not find the folder DVD_RTAV test non abutted words 0-16 xp g20

ACDSee puts the folders in the main results window along with thumbnails but iMatch has an empty window there and doesnt flag up the folder in bold or with a colour , no indication its been found.

I ticked a filter somewhere saying folder names which then said also need to tick another box in filter panel something like that but I couldnt find the panel it referred to.




You did use the search bar in the file window toolbar to search for a folder name?

Note that the search bar searches the current scope (whatever you have loaded the file window).
The scope allows you to control where you search. IMatch has been designed to manage very large collections of 500,000 or more files, and it does not by default always searches the entire database. See and there click on The Search Bar in the table of contents.
To search the entire database, click on the Database node in the Media & Folders View.

A quick way to search for a folder names or to filter the displayed folders, use the FolderFilter command in the properties panel below the Media & Folders tree.

See: Open the table or contents on that page and click on "The Filter tab".
-- Mario
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Hi Mario,
I used the search window at immediate right of the item size slider and immediate to left of a large grey X. That is correct isnt it ?
I had nothing in the file window as these DVD_RTAV folders wont show in that window, they only display in the folders panel at left.
another prog I am testing,...ACDSee does put them in the file window.

I would have to locate them all first to put them into the file window, but to do that I would need to search for them all, a catch 22 !

I just want to search all my database normally for things, rather than have to find the things I wish to search on, which is a sort of double search.
Also as seen below it doesnt find a yellow folder as such to put in the main window.

I have gone to the link you give, clicked the icon for table of contents but in the list I do not see 'The Search bar', typed search in the search window and its taken me to a page about scope and searching.
It says 'The Scope, where to search...The search bar searches all files currently loaded into the file window.'
trouble is these are named video folders not files I need to find. They are recognised video and play video, I have many hundreds of them all from DVD-RAM discs from the Panasonic. I can perform a search on the database root in testing ACDSee and it puts these yellow videofolders into the main central window it finds. I need to do that with iMatch as I hope this after testing will be the prog I can run with, as ACDSee has problems, chiefly unlike correctly your system of displaying scanned folders and drives, it displays absolutely everything with no feeedback on whats in need of scanning or has been scanned !

I am reporting to the world the results of the tests, and to Alamy.

Trying your advice:
click on database node, I see Database on a magenta bar at top of scope window (central main window), type abutt in search window and hit enter, nothing is found and displayed in central window.

Use the second link, open table of contents, cannot see 'the Filter Tab' listed, type that into search window, takes me to a page 'Indexing Folders and Files' but I dont see mention of 'The Filter Tab'. I do see something I am desperately trying to find in a DAM software and that is notification of which folders have seen changes occur, exciting and itching to test out  :)
I also get good vibes as I can see this is a thoroughly thought out prog , well explained and a lot of thought and hard work has gone into this so very excited  :)

unable to find anything though on The Filter Tab.

With the Database node clicked on, and clearing the word abutt from the scope search window, I type Abutt into the upper filter window lower left under the drive and folder tree, and an address appears on a blue bar at top of scope window.
G:\test file cataloging software video files\DVD_RTAV_test non abutted words 0-16 xp g20\
its found one of the two folders I see in the folder tree.
I try for *abutt* but nothing further appears.
it hasnt found DVD_RTAV_V192 VideoTestAbuttWords 0-47 xp though both are in the folder pane.  :(

I double click the address on the blue bar that has appeared , though I expected a yellow folder there instead, but it doesnt open to show contents.  :(



Quotetrouble is these are named video folders not files I need to find.
As Mario said, use the Folder Filter (not the search bar) for this requirement.
Assuming you are in the Media&Folder view (left part of the screen), you can open the Folder Filter by pressing Ctrl-F (or use the middle tab at the bottom of the Media&Folders view). See first screenshot.
Now you can easily put the part of the folder name you are looking for in the Filter input field. Make sure the filter options (drop down right to the input field) is set to "Contains". This should give you all folders where your input is part of the folder name.

Instead of Filter, you could also use Search.

Does this do what you want?
Win 10 / 64, IMatch 2018, IMA


To search for folders quickly, use the dedicated folder filter panel below the tree:

This allows you to search for folders or filter by folders.

IMatch will also find folder names when you search in the file window and you have enabled the "search everywhere" option.
Folder names are stored in dedicated\101400\file.foldername\0 metadata tag and hence it part of the "everywhere" search.
IMatch will show all files in the folders found in the file window, provided that the folders are in the current scope. To search your entire database, select the database node right at the top of the Media & Folders tree. IMatch by default not not search the entire database unless you tell it to.

Make sure you understand the meaning of the hierarchical code, which tells IMatch if you want to display only the files in the selected folder or also the level(s) below that. You find this info in the same help topic I linked to above: "Viewing Hierarchies in the File Window".

When you expand the table of contents on the page I linked in my last post ( you see the Search Bar topic. Just click on the link.
Or, press Ctrl+F in your browser to open the search and then search for search bar.

-- Mario
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Thank you,
Both say the same procedure.
I have followed this instruction carefully, though its what I did before, see attached a visual of the steps and results.

also attached the table of contents I get when clicking table of contents icon after clicking on the link, and if I close that table of contents, as Ctrl f search bar doesnt find anything with it open, I get the then attached page, and thats the scope search window I had been using. by clicking on database node then selecting show everything the search should show the TWO folders, but shows nothing.

The hierarchy info shows a choice, but when I try it, just the uppermost one is active.
Its enough, as it says display all hierarchy.

note the non abutted worded folder only is found. but not as a folder but an address.




You are combining the Filter Panel and the Search Bar. This may not be a good idea, unless you know what you are doing.
-- Mario
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Hi, it was said to try the search bar at top middle of screen, I followed those steps given me.
then it was said to try the search windows lower left in folder filter, so I tried that instead after firstly deleting the entry in the top middle search bar..

then it was said also could try the filter window instead of the search window lower left, i tried that.

You say this was wrong to follow these three methods in 3 separate trials ?

not understanding.

After closing down iMatch and relaunching it, exactly what steps on just one of these should I perform ?

which one of the three is the one I should do, as I did all three in separate sessions and none worked, I didnt mix them., as images show there is only one entry of the word abutt at any one time.




What do you want to do?

If you want to find a specific folder in the Media & Folders tree, use the "Folder Filter" panel below the tree.
To see the files in a folder in the File Window, select that folder in the tree on the left. The hierarchical mode feature of the File Window allow you to control if you want to see only the files in the selected folder, or also one, two or all levels of sub-folders below that. I recommend you view the File Window tutorial video at for details.

The search bar in the toolbar above the file window allows you to search the files currently displayed in the file window. This can be one or more folders, categories, collections or timeline nodes.

In your screen shot you have two filters enabled in the Filter Panel. We cannot see for what you filter there but if your File Window is empty, the filters you have defined filter out all files. Disable the filters in the file panel and clear the File Window Search Bar. Then you see again all files in the selected folder / drive / media.
-- Mario
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QuoteWhat do you want to do?
I will have when using iMatch beyond the trial, many hundreds of DVD_RTAV folders scanned, many of which feature names that are AbuttedWordsSuchAsI_TypeRightNow  and I need to find the location of one of these by performing whatever you tell me is the best way to find it :-
My test folder for such is DVD_RTAV_V192 VideoTestAbuttWords 0-47 xp 

and another is named to test for non abutted words

DVD_RTAV_test non abutted words 0-16 xp g20

These are the two that have been seen by the scan and feature in the left pane. Now obviously I can see these but when there are many hundreds I will need to search instead.

I have performed each of the three suggestions by you and the other poster thrinn as separate tests.

I did not enter the word abutt in search and also in filter at the same time.

However I shall do the test again, starting with using JUST THE FOLDER FILTER panel.

launch Imatch
step1 click on database node
step2 select show hierarchy (not able to select anything else unless I select a drive or folder.)
step3 type abutt into search window IN THE FOLDER FILTER PANE lower left and hit enter
It finds just one of the two folders,

It should have shown me two results but I got only one.
it found DVD_RTAV_test non abutted words 0-16 xp g20 
but why didnt it find both folders as both had abutt in ?

it failed to find  DVD_RTAV_V192 VideoTestAbuttWords 0-47 xp

see attached image test1.

Test 2. I now alter the names to :-
DVD_RTAV_test non abutted words Purple Kite 0-16 xp g20
DVD_RTAV_V192 VideoTestFindAbuttWordsPinkFlower 0-47 xp

to see if an abutted name is a problem.
I relaunch iMatch to cleanse it and rescan the test folder with the two folders within it and they appear.
I enter the word Pink into the search window in the FolderFilter and it finds
DVD_RTAV_V192 VideoTestFindAbuttWordsPinkFlower 0-47 xp
so an abutted word is not a problem.
see attached image.

Test3. I relaunch it again and type Flower and again it finds DVD_RTAV_V192 VideoTestFindAbuttWordsPinkFlower 0-47 xp

Test4. add another DVD_RTAV folder  DVD_RTAV_FortyAbuttChristmasSongsPinkRibbon 0-59 xp 169 to test if it is able to find more than one folder ! Relaunch iMatch, scan the test folder with these 3 folders inside, it sees them.
step1 click database node
step2 choose full hierarchy
step3 type Pink in the search box for FolderFilter

but it only finds one of the two folders with Pink in the name, both of which are abutted names.

see attached image

test 5. relaunch iMatch
step1 click database node
step2 click hierarchy though only 'show hierarchy' is selectable !
step3 type abutt into search window at FolderFilter

but it only finds one folder and all three have abutt in the name.

see attached.

Test6 relaunch iMatch and repeat the usual steps of database node then hierarchy, though only show hierarchy is selectable if database node as opposed to a folder is clicked on.
check there is nothing in the search window for folder filter, then type abutt in the FILTER window and I get the same result as I did for the SEARCH window for the folder Filter.
I cant attach image of test6 as I have used up all 5 images limit here in the folder filter tests  post I am making ! but trust me it was same as test5 but with Abutt only in the filter window for folderFilter pane.

relaunch iMatch
nothing in the FolderFilter boxes,
step1 select database node
step2 select Show Hierarchy
step3 select Search everywhere in the options beside the grey cross
step4 type Pink into the search box besdie the grey cross
finds nothing

I will attach this in a follow up post as I feel visuals tell all as requested.



and here is test7 attached.

and test 8 where the two filters top right are unticked, though I took it that they were to SHOW files and folders if ticked, not to deny.

anyhow, test8 I untick them, still same results




QuoteIt finds just one of the two folders,
It should have shown me two results but I got only one.

When you enter a name in the Search box Folder Filter, it jumps to the first folder with a matching name. Click on the next button to jump to the next matching folder.
To reduce the list of folders shown to all folders containing the word beach, enter beach into the "Filter" input field below. This will hide all folders not matching your search term.

Here I filter the folder list for all folders containing the term 43:
IMatch shows these folders and their parent folders in the hierarchy:

To search folder folder names in the File Window, make sure nothing is enabled in the Filter Panel.
Make sure the File Window is set to search everywhere (not just the file name). Then enter the name of the folder you're looking for.
The File now shows only files from folders containing the search term (or where the search term appears in another metadata tag).
-- Mario
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