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Started by davidgp, November 28, 2017, 05:40:09 PM

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Is there a Tree view of my hierarchical keywords that can be used when assigning keywords to an image? I find the four-panel structure used to display the hierarchy a bit unorthodox and difficult to interact with.



The hierarchical view inside the Keyword Panel is in fact the most efficient way to deal with larger hierarchies. This special representation has been selected especially for that reason. Must faster to work with than expanding/collapsing tree elements.
What is your issue, precisely?

+ Do you know that you can search in that hierarchy to find any keyword quickly?
+ That you can resize the panel and also the size of the individual lists?
+ That you can make the the Keyword panel as large as your screen?
+ That you can float the panel and make it a separate window?
+ Do you know about Keyword Favorites? Auto-suggestions? Auto-full?, ...

Since this is your first post here I assume you are new to IMatch?
The Keyword Panel offers many, many features which make keyword input very fast and safe. I can only recommend to spend some time with the Keyword Panel and the corresponding help topic <F1> to learn about them.

+ To see a hierarchical tree representation of your Thesaurus, use the Thesaurus Manager.

+ To see a hierarchical tree representation of the keywords in your files, use the @Keyword category hierarchy in the Category View.

+ You can also assign/unassign keywords to files via the @Keywords hierarchy. You can change keywords using drag and drop and more. Please see the help topic for the Category View and the special @Keywords category hierarchy in the IMatch help.

+ And, yes, you can also use the Category Panel to add/remove keywords from files. This also gives you a hierarchical view on your keywords.
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Ah, I did not know you could expand the length of the keywords window. That makes it much more usable.  Thanks for the insight.

PS:  Yes, I am new here.  I'm currently using the Trial version.  So far I am pleased with the functionality.


All panels in IMatch can be resized, "docked" to where you want them and even moved to a secondary monitor if you work in such an environment. This makes  IMatch very responsive and allows you to customize it exactly as you want. The panel sizes and layouts is stored in workspaces, and you can use different workspaces and thus panel layouts for different parts of your workflow.

Give yourself a view days to try things out. A lot to discover.
The IMatch Learning Center offers many free videos which demonstrate different aspects of IMatch. I try to add new videos as time permits.
-- Mario
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