Holy Smokes! IMA is extraordinarily easy to use right off the bat!

Started by Imageman, December 31, 2016, 03:45:26 PM

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Happy New Year Mario, a day early!   8)

Holy Smokes! . . . . I'm pushing 76 YO, and 'things' just aren't as easy as the used to be, and I'm apprehensive trying 'new stuff' :P   I must say the installation and first use of IMA was an absolute joy, without exception or complication!


The application did a great job self-installing, dealing with my network settings and security software automatically, using the defaults as suggested. It basically set itself up completely, and then worked great at first blush!

I'm excited to use IMA starting today. Great, fun project for the New Year!!


Thank you very much for the feedback.

Despite the (frightening) fact that IMatch Anywhere is a classic server product (software usually installed by experienced users or system Administrators), I worked hard to get the installation and first run experience as smooth as possible.

This was quite a long and bumpy road. You can ask the Beta testers how complicated it was initially (separate installation of IMWS and IMatch WebViewer, manual firewall configuration etc.) and how it got easier with every beta version...

Your post tells me that the effort was worth it  :)

I wish you great fun with playing with IMatch Anywhere. I hope it makes it easy for you to browse your database on your devices, TV and share them with family and friends.

Check out the free tutorial videos in the IMatch Anywhere Learning Center for a quick start with IMatch WebViewer.

Happy New Year!
-- Mario
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I'm looking forward to using IMA to review image history with forgetful clients at work sites on my ipad. It will be a huge time saver for me! Thanks again, Bob