How to produce a DUMP file when IMatch hangs

Started by Mario, May 27, 2013, 11:42:41 AM

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See The Debug Dump File for information about the DUMP file.

When IMatch "hangs" or stops responding, it is very helpful for me if you can produce a debug dump file. This dump file tells me what IMatch is doing, its internal state etc. Basically this is the same type of dump file IMatch produces itself when it crashes. But since IMatch hangs and does not crash, it will not produce a dump file itself.

How to produce a debug dump for IMatch

  • Start Windows Task Manager (Shift+Ctrl+ESC)
  • Switch to the tab labeled "Processes".
  • In this tab, locate the process named "IMatch2023x64.exe". (Name varies by version!)
  • Right-click in the row of this process to open the context menu. There, choose "Create Dump File".
  • Wait until the debug dump file has been written.
  • Make a note of where the file was written. Usually Windows write the file into the TEMP folder on your system, and uses a name like <ProcessName>.DMP. You can open this folder by typing %TEMP% into the Windows Explorer address bar.
  • ZIP the DMP file created above and upload it to your cloud space (Drobox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, ...).
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