Automatically Read Keyword Metadata fields Changed Externally

Started by moviemaker445, March 11, 2023, 11:26:33 PM

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Can IMatch be Set to 'automatically' read Keyword metadata modified by other DAMs and update the IMatch database?
Is there an option in 'Preferences' to make this happen?


IMatch will automatically read 'standard' Keywords and other metadata tags, e.g. from Lightroom, as long as the metadata is written back to the image. What DAM are you using? 


As John writes, this is fully automatic.
Please provide a bit more information, e.g. which software you use to modify metadata in files.

Tip: The Metadata Analyst app included in IMatch shows you the actual metadata (and keywords) contained in your files.
If the other software has written the new keywords to the file and used a standard format (legacy IPTC or XMP), IMatch will see the keywords.

Note that some applications hide keywords in proprietary XMP namespaces, unreachable for IMatch.
When you tell us which software you use and, if possible, provide a link to a sample image, we can tell you more.
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The app I have been using is called Digikam and following further investigation, I have discovered that this app seems to have its own system of keywording which is called 'Tags'. I am guessing that Digikam 'Tags' aren't in the standard format and that is why IMatch isn't picking up the changes.
The reverse also seems to be true because I have been cleaning up my keywords using IMatch and Digikam can't see the changes.


Some application call keyword 'tags', especially on smart phones or entry-level applications.

There are 3 'official' places to store keywords:

legacy IPTC (IIM) Keywords
XMP:dc Subject (Dublin Core namespace)
and XMP::lr hierarchicalSubject (not standardized but a well-established and widely supported industry standard)

IMatch supports all three formats and converts between flat and hierarchical keywords automatically and keeps them in-synch.

See Metadata for Beginners for more information.

Some applications don't support the official standard keywords but instead store keywords in some sort of catalog database or custom namespaces in XMP. This is usually done as a customer retention scheme (lock-in). If your other software has stored keywords in such a custom schema, they are invisible for IMatch and most other applications, DAMS, RAW processors in use today.

If you can provide a sample image for download or send it to me via (support email address) I can tell you more. If you send me an email, please include a link back to this thread. I get many emails per day.
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Since the last post, I have spent considerable time learning about IMatch Keywords. The IM system is far superior to Digikam so I have decided to switch completely to IMatch - problem solved :)