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files sometimes not displayed in viewer
« on: January 27, 2021, 05:04:19 AM »
selected two jpg files i the main window, hit Return, and brought it up in the viewer. Viewer had previously been set to display two files at once (L2). The viewer came up but both file images were black and there were two flickering thumbnails at the bottom of the screen and each thumbnail had a checkmark beside it. I gave imatch 1 min+ to finish loading the images but they never displayed.

The are displayed individually by the Windows photo viewer OK.

The two files were exported from capture one today.

I have restarted imatch several times and repeated these steps with the same results. The last time I tried this I enabled debug logging before trying to display the two files. I copied the log file and have attached it. I have attached an mpg video file showing the viewer and the flickering thumbnails.

I looked at the log and saw 309 occurrences of messages logged similar to this one over the span of 1 min 40 sec:

Line 359 - 01.26 21:17:45+    0 [27AC] 02  I> <D:\Pictures\Texas\TX-2010-04-03 13.24.48-V_1.jpg loaded in 0ms. Result: 4>

I have attached the log file and a jpg from the windows file manager showing file info for the two jpg files I'm having trouble with. I can attach the jpg files to a reply if you like.


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Re: files sometimes not displayed in viewer
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2021, 08:30:06 AM »
Result code 4 means "load failed". Windows was unable to load the cache file (or original file if it is a JPEG) from disk.
IMatch uses Windows WIC to load cache/JPEG files into the in-memory cache of the Viewer.

I don't recall having seen this error before.

Possible causes:

- virus checker blocking IMatch/Windows from reading the files?
- files still open/locked by another application?
- the standard Windows WIC codec is corrupted?
- the JPEG format you are using is a strange variant and Windows cannot load it for some reason?
- maybe there are some corresponding entries in the Windows event log? Not sure if Windows logs WIC errors in such cases.

Did you reboot your PC once?

You can attach a couple of these JPEG files or send them to support email address (DO NOT include my email address in posts here), with a link back to this topic.
By experience, such problems are usually not reproducible on other PCs.