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General Discussion and Questions / Re: Cannot get trial version t...
Last post by DSR - June 01, 2023, 11:41:31 PM AVX.  I'm in the process of building a new machine for this location, but I'll be traveling and probably won't get all the parts in and be able to build it until mid-late July. I'll try again then...thanks
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Cannot get trial version t...
Last post by Mario - June 01, 2023, 11:03:07 PM
this is quite unusual. Does IMatch produce a log file?
See log file for details on where to find it etc.

If this is a Windows 10 computer, I assume it is older?
Maybe your PC uses one of the rare processors which does not have AVX support?
See for more information and a small utility I wrote that allows you to test if your PC is able to run IMatch.
General Discussion and Questions / Cannot get trial version to ru...
Last post by DSR - June 01, 2023, 10:56:31 PM
Imatch installs fine on a windows 10 machine, but when i run it, the hourglass appears and then splash screen, nothing in the task bar...

googling (and checking the forum) i find there are evidently issues when u try to reinstall, or move the db, but i just can't get it to run.

i did uninstall it and then cleaned my system (cache, cookies, etc)...reran the installer and same problem...

what am i doing wrong?  thanks

Feature Requests / Re: Statistics App - Largest F...
Last post by Mike - May 31, 2023, 07:19:46 PM
Quote from: Mario on May 26, 2023, 04:30:17 PMLooking at the number of users of this app in telemetry (less than a handful in the best month) I doubt this is justified.
The number of users in the telemetry only says that something is only used a little, but not what the reason is. If something isn't good enough, it definitely won't be used often. For example, the inability to define the main folder for the analysis makes me almost never use the app, although I would be very interested in more precise results.

Further thoughts on the same main proposal

From a statistical and simplified point of view, there are usually three types of relevant folder sizes:

1. Average sized normal folders (these don't worry us too much)
2. Larger than average folders.
3. Above average small folders.

In the more extreme cases 2 and 3, there is a possibility, that there is a reason behind it, that requires action. Therefore, I would like to easily identify these folders.

In this context I think that it doesn't necessarily matter, which are the "50" largest/smallest folders, but rather which folders deviate so much from the average size, that they should be looked at more closely. It could be as few as two or as many as 200. Their number should not be predetermined, but rather the degree of deviation from the norm.

What the average or normal size range falls between, could either be statistically calculated by iMatch, or we would enter that manually.
Well, I can accept the new set, if it would be colored.
General Discussion and Questions / Re: Which Version Do You Prefe...
Last post by Mario - May 31, 2023, 02:38:41 PM
QuoteBut the question is, did you create those icons yourself or are you tied to a fixed set of icons.
Partly, partly. I try to use commercial icons from a large set (which I paid for) wherever possible.
In IMatch apps. In the help. On my web site.

The colorful icons are all bitmaps from a commercial set I've bought some years ago.
They go up to 256 pixel only.
The flat modern icon commercial set are all vectors and also available as web fonts, which makes them easy to use in apps and on web sites.

When I don't find a good icon for something, I do them myself. In the same style for consistency.
I've also did all the app icons. But I'm no designer or graphic artist. And my time is limited.
While I prefer a clear/modern icon stile, like you presented, I have no problem with the old stile.
In the new style the icons I do not like: First Steps, RAW Images, GPS..., Viewing and File Windows.
I have seen icons fitting better IMHO.
But the question is, did you create those icons yourself or are you tied to a fixed set of icons.
Solved (Feature Requests) / Re: Get rid of the "Apply Targ...
Last post by voronwe - May 31, 2023, 11:11:57 AM

QuoteAs per your FAQ advice, I have tried to change the config.json file to use IP address but Windows will not allow me to save the change. Is that de rigeur for browser access via IP? I am sole user of standalone PC with administrator rights.
Right-click on the file in Windows Explorer and open the Properties.
Make sure your user account has write privileges for the file. Then you can safe it.

This is the default (the file is meant to be changed by the IMA admin), but who knows what got wrong in your particular installation.

You can also try to copy the file into another folder ("My Documents"), change it there, and then copy it back, replacing the original file.

If in your network your browser cannot reach IMWS via the machine name http://my-pc/.... (usually this works just fine, except you use Apple clients) you must a) change the WebViewer config to use the IP address and b ) use the IP address in your browser to open IMatch Anywhere WebViewer.

a) Makes sure that WebViewer can find and access IMWS
b) Makes sure that your browser can open the WebViewer app

Had to look several times to notice what was different. Couldn't see any advantage of one ov er the other.