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I compared version 2 with the existing icons. The existing ones seem smaller (which I prefer), but the new ones seem 'fuzzier'(?). Otherwise they seem fine. Ability to resize may be an advantage. 
Feature Requests / Option To Keep Duplicate Value...
Last post by PandDLong - Today at 07:18:58 PM

Repeatable tags (lists within a tag) are a a very useful tool within the metadata and the support through iMatch is excellent with a lot of functionality.   The most commonly used repeatable tag is Keywords and iMatch also makes particularly good use of Person_in_Image through the People function.  There are many advantages of using a repeatable tag over a "regular" tag for any metadata for which two or more values may exist - I wrote a bit more about it here (,14077.msg99008.html#msg99008). 

A challenge is that repeatable tags are handled differently when populated through a metadata template versus a metadata panel.  The template removes duplicates and the panel does not (whether entering manually or a copy/paste).  This duplicate removal is definitely a plus when handling keywords but not necessarily other situations (note the Keyword Panel also does this duplicate removal).

To illustrate using the structured Artwork or Object Tags from IPTC Extension with Title and Creator - I have a photo with five pieces of art and the Title/Creators are:
            Boat/John, Tree/Mary, Dock/John, Mountain/Abdul, and Beach/Petra

If the metadata template is used to populate the tags, the first John is dropped as a duplicate and now it shows as:

           Boat/Mary, Tree/John, Dock/Abdul, Mountain/Petra and Beach/null

Allow a repeatable tag to have duplicate values when using a metadata template.  As this duplicate removal is desired in some cases (eg. Keywords) and is the default processing today, this feature needs to be an option or a preference.

I suggest it is best to be a check-box option on the metadata template dialog in the same manner as "Insert only if tag empty", "Merge with existing contents", etc.

It would make the behavior of the metadata panel and templates the same for repeatable tags and increase the versatility of repeatable tags - both as stand-alone and as part of structured tags.

Happy to provide more context and info as desired -including more realistic scenarios where a metadata template is used to populate a repeatable tag.

Quotechanging the shape of the dots, like square, diamond.. for more differentiation?
Not really. Dots should show like dots. And dots are always on the left, while pins are on the right. I doubt users often confuse these.
2nd revision looks much better, especially the globe (GPS) icon. Regarding dots and pins: did you think about changing the shape of the dots, like square, diamond.. for more differentiation?
The XAML support comes from a costly 3rd party toolkit I'd like to phase out. They don't support vector images in XAML.
I would love to replace XAML with standard HTML, for a lot more options. So far I could not find a solution for this but I'm still looking.
I agree... these look good. 

While on the subject: do you think you might update the File Window Layout (Display/Editor/XAML engines) to allow for vector icons which also auto scale with thumbnail changes?  
Off-Topic / Re: Do You Like the 'Seasonal ...
Last post by afengler - Today at 01:28:15 PM
It's pretty cool. I like the variety.

This looks to me much better! Very good.  :)
Quote from: Mario on Today at 10:15:19 AMHave you tried clicking the red X next to the search box (show up while a search is running)?
This will cancel the search as soon as the database system allows. Works here just fine.

You made my day!
Thanks, Mario, first tests show me, that this seems to work! 

Maybe the red X will become my new friend!  :)
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