affinity photo new incredible discounts.

Started by Aubrey, March 27, 2020, 06:28:51 AM

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I bought Affinity suite in December when it was discounted 30%.
Very please with it. photo stacking, panoramas etc. in Affinity photo I always found Photoshop difficult. Affinity have great tutorials on you tube. threy've also got an incredible light focusing application, allows one to move a light source around.

I've also been learning Affinity publisher, seamlessly integrates with Affinity photo (as does Affinity designer)

Anyway just looked now and see They are running a 50% discount US$ 24.99 or 27.99 Euros., no subscription model.
This might be a great way to spend useful time if you're stuck at home. (after you've sorted out your IMatch database).

Dxo are also doing discounts, I use this as my first line processing.


BTW: no affiliation with either company, just great products at affordable prices.


This will piss off Adobe big time  :D

I use Affinity Designer and it is very capable. Not InDesign, but way more than I need.
All the app icons in IMatch are done by me in Affinity Designer, for example  :)
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Had been evaluation Affinity recently, and when they did the recent discounts bit immediately. Obviously a steep learning curve, but very lovely.

I think the compositing-type background and decent code quality does shine through. It's a different mindset to get into.

Now have to figure out how to integrate in the workflow.


This is too tempting to pass up. Looks like the discount is good until April 20. I had been looking at an update and Affinity was on my radar. I went ahead and started the 90-day demo. So far I'm liking what I see. There's also a ton of tutorial videos available.


Thx for the heads up... might just buy it to support the company though I am all in on Adobe Indesign for my business... and photoshop/Illustrator come along for the ride!



It's good through the 20th and they have a 90-day trial right now. I'm looking at it and will almost certainly buy a license later this month.