Face Recognition: Improve hitrate by including Birth / Death Date

Started by abgestumpft, March 23, 2020, 12:13:47 PM

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The following information should be used to improve the hitrate on face recognition:
1. Birth Date -> Don't assign that person to a picture taken before birth date
2. Death Date -> Don't assign that person to a picture taken after death date

3. Group Trained Faces by timeframe (e.g. year?) to improve hitrate (not sure if this is currently done):
For example when I have trained my daughter with faces when she was 1 year old ... 7 years old, it does not make sence to use the trained faces from "7 year" to check images where she was 1 years old (and vice versa).

As background:
I was assigning/training a lot of faces of my daughter when she was 7.
Then I went to images when she was 1 year and started assigning/training here. But the hitrate did not improve at all. Not a sigle time her Name was suggested (but her 90year old great grandmother, her sister who was not born at that time,...) Now after removing those suggestions I end up with a "?" most of the time.



IMatch already uses a time component. An I have further improved that for the next release.

Remember that you will be able to see and edit trained faces in the next release. This was already discussed.
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