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Started by javiavid, March 18, 2020, 11:36:08 AM

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Hi, Mario,
I have a question about the license.

Buy IMA 2019 in September 2019.
Can I upgrade to IMA 2020 free of charge when it becomes available?
I don't know when this new version will be out, can I use it while Imatch 2020?

Thank you


IMatch Anywhere and IMatch are separate products, with different release cycles.

The latest version of IMatch Anywhere includes a matching version of IMatch 2019.
You cannot upgrade from IMatch Anywhere to IMatch. Different products.

If you have purchased a discounted IMatch Anywhere PLUS 2019 license with IMatch 2019: The included IMatch version is tied to your Plus license.

When IMatch Anywhere 2020 is released, it will again include a matching IMatch 2020 license.
There is no release date for IMatch Anywhere 2020 yet.
A compatibility update of IMatch Anywhere was shipped for users who have separate IMatch and IMatch Anywhere licenses. This allows them to upgrade their IMatch license and download the compatible IMatch Anywhere version.

For IMatch Anywhere itself and IMatch Anywhere Plus (including IMatch), the latest version is 2019

The release cycle for IMatch Anywhere is slower than for IMatch.
The majority of IMatch Anywhere customers are companies and institutes, and they prefer a much slower ESR-type release cycle.
More stability, less updates, less re-training their employees.


Hello Mario

So, in order for Anywhere to be able to leverage the "Face" feature, when searching, will it need to be upgraded to the 2020 version?

I am asking this, as I do plan to use Anywhere (so that I can share the database with the family), the work around would consist in adding a categorie to any person created in the Face module where I will store the name (and then search from this category) But if I can avoid this, it will make the work easier.



The most recent version of IMatch Anywhere is 2019.
So far no requests (except yours) was made to integrate face technology or events.
The largest part of the IMatch Anywhere user base is commercial and institutional users.

When I start to work on IMatch Anywhere 2020 I will consider integrating a person filter in the IMatch Anywhere WebViewer navigator.


Mario thanks
Just to let you know the scenario :
-This is a family use, to of  our digital pictures (approx 50 K
-I am managing the cataloging with iMatch, running on one solid computer
-But I would like the family to be able to access to those pictures, leveraging the cataloging of iMatch, without having them to deal with the advanced interface and tools, without the risk of messing it out (I know DB can be open in read-only though) - This also explins you my other question about using IOS.

And for me, Anywhere is a very good solution
But I am open to any solution or suggestion

While the above is for a "LAN" use, in a second step, I am also thinking about opening it to a use thru internet


If you use keywords or categories for your persons, you can use them in IMatch Anywhere Navigator. This allows you to find persons quickly in the browser.

QuoteI am also thinking about opening it to a use thru internet

Setup a VPN. Do not make a normal PC accessible from the Internet. This is too dangerous in these times. It won't catch the Corona virus, but likely some other malicious things.