Raw Histogram, Adjustable Brightness and Focus Peaking

Started by monochrome, February 15, 2020, 11:59:07 AM

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  • Add a raw histogram to the viewer that shows when highlights clip.
  • Add ability to brighten the photo in the viewer by X stops to check shadows.
  • Add focus peaking overlay to viewer.


I would also wellcome theese features. But would rename the request as culling helper.
And don't forget, that there are a lot of dedicated softwares for these:
Faststone image viewer
Pixort (from Jotto soft)


Yeah, saw that FastRawViewer has pretty much those features.

But I think IMatch's "<del> to delete" in the viewer is so neat. The app's been my one-stop-shop for image management from the camera to the archive so far.


FastRawViewer user here... works well for me there.

But would be a nice to have in IMatch for photos already in collection (I only use FastRawViewer for importing new shoots). But I don't know why I don't use it on existing ones to be honest. Hence, a nice to have.


I think being able to temporarily adjust exposure would be useful while culling. I have a number of images where I have exposed for the sky meaning the foreground is in shadow and not possible to compare in imatch. Would be nice not to have to use other software for the comparison.


I think all of this is covered (and more) by some enhancements I will introduce for the Viewer in IMatch 2023.
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