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Started by OffPeak, February 05, 2020, 08:14:17 PM

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I have changed the Font Color for a few categories in IMatch.

The colors do not show in IMA.

Is there a thread or solution to this "problem"?

I have searched for a while, and not found anything.



Do you mean in the IMatch Anywhere WebViewer?
Where do you look at categories? In the Navigator? In the FileLens?
What happens if you change the background color of a category (not only the text color)?


I've attached a graphic that I hope explains what I'm seeing.

I also changed the category text background; IMA (web viewer) was no different than the attached graphic.


Category colors are not supported in the category tree in the navigator.
You can see category colors in the FileLens.

Feel free to add a feature request if you think this would be helpful for you and other users.