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Started by Darius1968, February 04, 2020, 05:09:28 AM

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So, I've been using IMatch to delete set of images that are visually similar, usually in chunks of 2-7 images at a time. 
All is fine really, except that sometimes, right after I have done a deletion, and I then use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate forwards and backwards, there is a couple-second pause before the Quick Viewer has rendered the image.  I've attached the log file, as well as a screen shot to help more visually, illustrate what I'm doing.  Is there anything I can do to reduce this 'sticky' kind of a response?  Thanks. 


You are working with a 400,000 files database.
You are deleting while a filter is active.

Deleting a file in a DAM is a lot more than just deleting the file on disk.
For example, each file delete requires IMatch to re-calculate all categories, including all data-driven categories you have. With a data source of 400,000 files for each category!
Deleting a file also invalidates all collections, internal caches etc.
If you use versions and stacks, these need to be re-evaluated after each delete.
If you have buddy files configured, these need to be searched in the file system and checked.

When you have a filer panel open, and maybe even the category panel, IMatch may need to re-calculate a huge chunk of all that in real time, in order to update the user interface.
Not even IMatch can do magic, so there may be situations where all this work takes a few seconds.

Some Tips:
Remove the filter. Select the files you want to delete and move them into a result window. Then delete from there, without an active filter.
By the looks of the log file, updating the filter panel all the time is what takes most of the time.

Close expensive panels like the category panel, category and collection filters.
Delete non-used data-driven categories or switch them to manual.
Delete non-used formula-based categories.

All the advanced features in IMatch work good and fast even for large collections.
But, 400,000 files is more than many image agencies have to manage...

IMatch can handle 400K files or more. But the more files you add, the slower some operations will become. That's just how things work.
Sorting 400,000 files takes about twice as long as sorting 200,000 files.
Updating a data-driven category for 400K files takes about twice as long as for 200K files.

-- Mario
IMatch Developer
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