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Started by heicron, February 03, 2020, 06:24:15 PM

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I set the time and date wrong on my new Nikon D7500 and didn't realize it until after indexing them in Imatch.
The year is set to 2017 and the time is off 12 hrs. (showing am instead of pm). I tried using the Modify exif date and time tool without success.
How do I set the values to the proper times? Using current version on IMatch and indexing NEF files.



Quotewithout success.
This means what, exactly?
Did you get an error message?
Date and/or time not changed?
Computer melted?

Which options did you use in this tool?
Show us a scree shot (Alt+PrintSn when the dialog is open).

Tip: Open the ExifTool output panel in IMatch before you run the tool.
Warnings and results of ExifTool are displayed in the panel.
-- Mario
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Sorry about the lack of info. I have no idea about using the EXIF command processor. I have been through the help on this but I am not familiar with arguments and such. Sorry.

I selected another image and ran the modify tool with the attached settings image. This changed all but the
But can this be done with several images at a time that were taken seconds or minutes in sequence? Or do I have to do this for each image individually?



Did you read the help for this feature? Just press <F1> in the dialog.
The help explains how to change date and time relative, for one or more files.

Tip: You need to use the "relative" mode, not setting an absolute date if you want to shift the time by 12 hours.

I mean the ExifTool output panel, not the command processor.
You say that EXIF data was changed correctly? How do you know that?
You say that one XMP timestamp was not changed correctly? How do you know that?

The XMP::xmp\createdate\createdate\0 tag is filled from the corresponding EXIF tag when IMatch imports images.
Unless you have already changed the XMP tag in IMatch itself and the metadata protection is on.
Maybe this is the case? In that case IMatch would not accept changes to EXIF before you do a write-back first.

There are so many things involved here, it would help to give as much details as possible.
Upload a sample image somewhere so we can see the data in your RAW file.
Don't forget to also upload the XMP file if it exists.

Usually this tool just works. But Nikon stuffs so much data into their files, does not document anything and has produced over 50 different NEF variants with dozens of different metadata layouts over the years. Hard to tell why this does not work for your images without an actual working sample.
-- Mario
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