Some simple renamer assistance needed

Started by greg, February 01, 2020, 07:26:51 PM

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I've been struggling to get a simple duplicate file renamer sequence. While I've had success with renamer in the past, I haven't been able to work through this one.  The objective is to duplicate a file in the same directory with a unique number suffix.

I would like "Test.tiff" renamer to result in "Test.tiff" and "Test-1.tiff".
My result is "Test-1.tiff" and "Test-1-1.tiff".

It seems easy enough, but the steps I used don't do exactly that. See attachments.

I'm sure there are many forum users could rattle of the solution in just few seconds as I'm missing something very simple.


Note that the Renamer FIRST renames the file, then copies it.
The "unique number" is thus applied in the files in the original folder. The Renamer does not check at this step if there is a file with the same name in the folder to which you copy the file!

If the folder to which you copy the file contains a file with the same name, IMatch applies a similar rule as Windows Explorer to avoid overwriting existing files. You cannot control this.
The Renamer as no advanced features rename copies you make in addition to the original files. That's outside the feature set of this tool. The Renamer is for renaming files. Copying and moving are just some additional options.

If you need to copy files and control file names, I suggest first copying the files (with the standard IMatch copy file feature or a separate Renamer preset) and then run the Renamer on the target folder to rename the files as needed.
-- Mario
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