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Started by Aubrey, October 04, 2019, 05:01:37 PM

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I'm trying to use some Polish names in my keywords, and use the Polish alphabet.
I try to type ł (lower case L with slash though it), but it does not work in IMatch (or in fact here on the forum, I pasted the symbol from MS-word)
The keystroke is ALT+0322
When I try on IMatch I get the letter B (same here as I type the question on the forum)
The  key sequence works fine in MS-Word.
The symbol ê (ALT+0234) works fine in IMatch and here

Ideas, must be windows set up but not sure where to start as some characters are OK.

PS: not sure if this should go in "Off Topic"


When I use the character code Alt + 0322 in Notepad I get a B. Not the character you show in your post.
Are you sure you are not working with a local code page in your case? This would maybe work in Word with all its code page and local character set support (maybe only for selected fonts) ...

When I use the Windows character map I get this for the 0322 Unicode point:
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You are getting exactly what I get! I got the same "B" in Ultraedit.

However the code ALT+0322 should give this letter "l" with a slash.


Try the same code in MS-Word and you will get an l with a slash...



According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_alphabet, section "Computer Encoding", ł is the HTML entity, but U+0142 is the Unicode codepoint. And according this MS article it looks like the conversion is something specific to Word and/or Excel, but not centralized Windows functionality.

But using the Character Map app, I am able to insert ł also here in the forum. In the text field of this app I can use Alt+0322 to get the character, then "Copy" to copy it to the clipboard.
Win 10 / 64, IMatch 2018, IMA


I've switched to PL keyboard and using Alt-GR key with lower case "l" it works fine. Also other symbols are captured e.g., a with cedilla ą .

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