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Started by sinus, September 26, 2019, 10:03:56 AM

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I have read the IMatch-help ( and found this:

\.(doc|xls|ppt) This regex finds standard Office documents

I tried this in the RegExp-Tester and there it works.

Then I tried the app "File Finder", putted in the same (search in entire DB) and it found almost all files, also .jpg and .nef and so on, what is wrong.

This was a start point from me and I did not find a solution.

My final goal seems to me simple:
I try to find documents like the followings:


What I want to achieve is simply:
Find all files what ends with _e at the end, means just before the extension.

I tried e.g. (with the file Finder):

But this finds also files like
what the _e is not at the end.

Do someone knows, how I could find all documents, what ends with _e at the very end, before the extension?

Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


File Window Search Bar. Select the database node and search for


Find all files with text _e.

Don't forget to enable the regular expression option in the Search Bar Drop down.
The same works also in the special File Finder app.
-- Mario
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Ah, thanks a lot, Mario!

Cool, that works indeed for both searches. And as usual: very quickly.

Problem solved.  :)
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)