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Started by Mario, February 23, 2017, 06:28:16 PM

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IMatch 2017 introduces a completely new way to write scripts and apps.
I have retired the 3rd-party BASIC scripting engine for good. It worked well for many years, but is now really legacy and really really old.

IMatch 2017 includes an embedded IMatch WebService™ (IMWS), based on the same technology used by IMatch Anywhere™.

IMWS makes it possible to access IMatch databases locally or remotely, and to choose from a wide range of programming languages to do this.

With IMatch 2017, you can use the same methods and tools to write scripts / app for both IMatch and IMatch Anywhere.
IMatch can run scripts written in JavaScript and HTML directly inside its App panels and Views. This gives me and other users who write scripts many new options and access to the latest web technologies.

In addition to the massive amount of functionality available in the standalone IMatch Anywhere server product, IMatch offers additional scripting methods.
These methods deal with topics related to the IMatch user interface, like accessing the selected files in the file window, showing dialog boxes for files, folders, categories and metadata tags. Such methods are not available in IMWS, because IMatch runs on a remote server usually and has no "user interface".

As usual, IMWS and IMatch scripting are fully documented.
I will include a set of sample scripts in IMatch 2017 to demonstrate various typical programming scenarios: accessing files, folders, metadata, categories, running external programs etc.

Other programming examples are the included apps:

+ VarToy
+ Copy Data App
+ Import CSV Files
+ Copy Metadata into Attributes
+ KML Exporter

I have rewritten these scripts in JavaScript for IMatch 2017. They are included as source code, with many comments for users who like to study how they work.

The IMatch Developer Center

The IMatch Developer Center will grow to become the central place to lean about writing scripts and apps for IMWS and IMatch. There is already a lot of documentation and examples available. Check it out.

-- Mario
IMatch Developer
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