Custom Metadata & Metadata Panel export/import

Started by borgerth, April 23, 2019, 06:07:01 PM

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I've just posted this, but was asked to login again so not sure if it already went on the fist attempt, so here it goes again.
I'm new to IMatch, still trying the software.
I'm pretty happy so far, but still need some clarifications. I'll ask my questions via different posts, and here goes the first one:
I manage my images using different computers, and I'm having some problems exporting/importing my custom templates and a custom metadata panel I've created .
I've managed to export/import the template via the Layout editor Import/Export button and thumbnails and info display as expected. The problem is that I can't find my custom metadata panel needed to manage the data. I can't find the panel anywhere. I hope it doesn't need to be recreated on the second machine. This is just a test with one layout and a couple of hundred files, but I need this to work on various custom panel layouts on a few thousand files ...
The original files are on an external drive, mounted on the second computer, the folder path has already been updated accordingly.
What is the correct procedure to export/import custom metadata templates and custom panels?
Any suggestions?


I'm not quite sure that I understand what you mean.
Your post refers to Metadata Panel Layouts and Metadata Templates, which are completely different things.

IMatch manages Metadata Templates and Panel layouts o a per-user / per database basis. There is no export/import option, because none is needed...


Thanks for replying.
I've copied the database file from computer one to computer two, opened it, and neither my metadata template or metadata panel were there. That's  why I thought they might have to be exported from one computer to the other.
What would be the correct way to do this? How can I use the same database on different  computers?


Just copying a database is not enough. IMatch stores all settings in the central settings database. IMatch manages settings on a per-system, per-user, per-database basis, and combinations thereof. A database of course cannot contain all that info.

I recommend using the Pack & Go utility to transfer IMatch databases and setting between multiple computers. This tool has been designed for this purpose.

If you want to do it manually, please at least read the corresponding section in the help to learn which files IMatch uses, where settings, presets,. configuration files are stored (for all users and for specific users): Backup

And, if you use different user names on your computers, read the information on User Name Alias.


Thanks Mario
That explains it ...
I'll try Pack&Go, and will read the user alias info as I do use different user names on the computer.
Thanks again


Well, I'm back with the same issue ...
I've used the Pack & Go utility as recommended, but my custom Metadata Panels and Custom File window layout are not there ...
I've packed the original database & cache from computer 1 (with compact & optimize on), and restored the database to a different folder on computer 2. When opening the database on computer 2, the data, images & their respective previews are all there, but neither my custom file window layout or my custom metadata layout are. The only way to see what I need the way I need is to recreate them.
Do I have to export/import these custom layouts separately? I would expect the "Pack % Go" utility to be able to get all settings packed together, I  I've read all the relevant help topics but I can only find instruction telling me to do what I've already done ...
As I was writing this, I remembered that I've downloaded & installed IMach on both computers on different days (a week apart), could they be different versions? Would that explain it? If not, what am I missing! Can you help please ...


Quote from: borgerth on May 02, 2019, 04:48:07 PM
Do I have to export/import these custom layouts separately?

It's not difficult to export these configurations (or to restore them), and it forms a kind of backup to have them stored in a safe place.


Quote from: borgerth on May 02, 2019, 04:48:07 PM
Well, I'm back with the same issue ...

Metadata Panel layouts etc. are database specific and stored in user-specific workspaces.
Do you use the same user name on both computers? Probably not. Did you read my note about user name aliases in my reply above?


Hi Mario, I do use different names on the different computers, and I did read the user name alias note and followed the instructions.
What I've only realized now, was that I (obviously ...) had to do the same again on computer 2 for it to work.
Problem solved, thanks.
I'm having other problems now setting up a filter, but will explore/understand better what I'm doing before posting it here.