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Started by Aubrey, January 18, 2019, 07:58:48 PM

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It's not clear how much the result history should have:

The help file at one point says (my italics):
"IMatch WebViewer remembers the last 25 selections you've made in the Navigator and the presets you have loaded. Via the history you can quickly reload any of these selections, similar to the Back button in your browser"

Then a little later the help file says:
When you start IMatch WebViewwer (typo here), it displays the five most recent history entries in the file window area. You can quickly recall your last results by clicking/tapping an entry or by pressing the associated keyboard shortcut 1 to 5.

I suspect there is only 5 sets of history stored.

My experience is that I can only recall last 5 history. Is this correct?

Would it be a big effort to have the amount of history stored to be defined by the administrator as a modifiable parameter?



IMatch stores as many history entries as outlined (open the history dialog via the toolbar button).
To not overflow the file window layout when IMatch WebViewer comes up, I decided to show the last 5 entries in the history only. You can always access the full history via the toolbar button.
-- Mario
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