Is it possible to upgrade from 3.6?

Started by Mark_Cooper, December 23, 2018, 03:54:40 PM

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I am returning to photography after a very long break. My version of iMatch is very old - version 3.6.

Is it possible to upgrade to the latest software version without losing my assigned categories and metadata in my existing (legacy) database?




Hi, Mark

unfortunately, this is not possible anymore. But the is a work-around.

When IMatch 5 came out many years ago, the database system and many other things changed.
So, IMatch 5 provided a database converter which could convert IMatch 3.x databases in the format used by IMatch 5.
IMatch 5.5 also included the database converter. And even early editions of IMatch 2017. This meant that IMatch 3 users could migrate easily for many years.

When IMatch switched to 64-bit mode, the database converter no longer worked, because some of the components it uses are not available in 64-bit.

How to do it:

1. Export your categories in IMatch 3. Use the with file links option (important!)

See the "Manual Category Transfer" section on the old "IMatch 3 to IMatch 5" page:

2. Also export properties if you have used them ("Title" and "Description" under the thumbnail window).

Create a new database in IMatch 2019 and add the same files you have in IMatch 3.
Metadata contained in the files will be automatically picked up by IMatch 2919.

Use the Category Importer in the Import & Export Panel in IMatch 2019 to import your categories.
Make sure you give them a good scrubbing afterwards, because many of the ancient IMatch 3 categories have now much better built-in solutions.

You can import your properties into IMatch 2019 via the Edit > Preferences > Edit Attributes dialog. It has an import button which can import IMatch 3.x property schemas.

In case you wondered: There are no discounts for users of IMatch 3 anymore, sorry.
-- Mario
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Thanks! Instructions are still working.

I finally took the leap to migrate from 3.6 and it worked like a charm!

30k pictures on a rather slow Windows 10 computer, took a working day to scan all the images and do the write-backs. I did expect some issues as the oldest pictures are from 2001 taken with a HP Photosmart 318...

Only 18 pictures to fix, looks like some meta data issues. Easiest would be to just delete them, but why should I as they are fixable.