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Started by hluxem, November 21, 2018, 01:33:47 AM

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I tried to find all files which are not a master in a file folder. When I go to filter and activate collections and select Master all Masters are shown correctly. When I select the button invert filter in the collections section, all files are shown and it seems like no filter is applied.
I solved my problem by checking the help. I was not aware of the overall invert button on top of the panel. That works fine and I got what I wanted.
But shouldn't the invert button in the collection lead to the same result if this is the only active filter? Is my expectation wrong or is this button not working?




Not necessarily.  The filter panel does not try to handle every fringe case, and hiding the master collection not or recursively may yield unexpected outcomes, especially if files are masters and versions etc.

Why don't you just use the "Hide Masters"  in the File Properties Filter and invert that? Or the "Hide Versions", for the opposite purpose? Or both, to see only files which are or are not either master or versions?

If you consider the collection filter thing a bug, please open a bug report and I will look into it for one of the upcoming versions.
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Bug report filed.

QuoteWhy don't you just use the "Hide Masters" ....

Plain simple, I don't work a lot with file relations and the first thing coming to my mind was to look in collections.