Exif Date/Time in JPG not set

Started by grauschaf, October 22, 2018, 03:12:10 PM

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I want to set Exif Date/Time to a JPG made of a Screenshot. The only Metadata Tags which are set are Composite-Date/Time Original and XMP-Date/Time Original. Exif- and IPTC-Timestamps are not set by IMatch  :(.
Can anybody help me with this?
Thanks, Gerd


As documented, IMatch does not create EXIF/IPTC data for files which have none.
EXIF and IPTC are old metadata formats and the Metadata Working Group recommends not to create these old formats for new files.
IMatch updates existing EXIF and legacy if it exists, but does not add it to files. Only XMP is added ans per MWG recommendations.

Allow Create IPTC/EXIF/GPS

You can change the defaults in IMatch, even per file format, but I don't recommend this. The rules are there for good reasons.
If you really need to produce EXIF / legacy IPTC data out of thin air, you can do so with ExifTool or the ECP in IMatch.
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