Exclude specific Keywords in a formatted list.

Started by mgm1965, August 20, 2018, 02:11:19 PM

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I want to display in a Tabular view the Keyword assigned to a image but with a color coding and in different lines.

Assume I have a image withe the assignation on tree like this:

[_] Person
   [X] Marco x
   [X] Samuele x
   [_] Arianna x
[_] Event
   [_] Birthday
      [_] Samuele
         [_] year
         [_] year
         [X] 18 year
      [_] Arianna
         [_] year
         [_] year
         [_] 18 year
   [_] Holyday
      [_] 2018 USA
      [X] 2017 Ireland
      [_] 2016 Italy
[X] Archaeology
[X] Ruins
[X] Apartments
[_] Churches
    [X] Cathedrals
[_] Museums and Galleries
[_] Sculpture
[_] Food and Drink

I want to display on three different line :
- the  name of the child of "Person" category .
- the  name of the child of "Event" category.
- the other category 

Line 1 :   Marco x, Samuele x
Line 2 :   Birthday Samuele 18 year; Holyday 2017 Ireland
Line 3 :   Archaeology, Ruins, Apartments, Cathedrals, Churches

I have used:

Line  1: {File.Categories|filter:^@Keywords\|Person;Level:leaf;replace:~;==, ;prefix:<Run Foreground="#FA8072">;postfix:</Run>}

Line  2: {File.Categories|filter:^@Keywords\|Event;;pereplace:@Keywords Event==;replace:|== ;replace:~;==, ;prefix:<Run Foreground="#ffaa00">;postfix:</Run>}

and this is OK, now the tricky part:

Line 3: {File.Categories|filter:^@Keywords;replace:~;==, ;replace:|== ;pereplace:@Keywords==}

I retrive:
Person Marco x, Person Samuele x, Event Birthday Samuele 18 year, Event Holyday 2017 Ireland, Archaeology, Ruins, Apartments, Churches Cathedrals

How can I exclude Person and Event from the Keyword listing of the 3° line?

Thanks in advance



Have you tried to use metadata variables instead. I'm not sure that I understand all you say above, but not everything is possible, not even with IMatch.
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My goal is to have a visual of the keywords that I have used.

I was looking for a negation of the filter, e.g. I want on a line only the Keyword that are NOT assigned to a Category and its childs.

So I was looking how to negate:

Line  1: {File.Categories|filter:^@Keywords\|Person;Level:leaf;replace:~;==, ;prefix:<Run Foreground="#FA8072">;postfix:</Run>}