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--- Quote from: cytochrome on September 10, 2013, 02:28:45 PM ---I don't volunteer, although my french accent  would give it the funny touch...


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That would be to see  ;D at least in German - as you know - is a French accent very interesting and, √§hm, as some people says, quite sexy  8)


--- Quote from: jch2103 on September 10, 2013, 06:11:58 PM ---Thanks, all. I'll try to incorporate suggestions in the next iteration.

A question: Does the CC button in YouTube provide useful translations of the transcript, especially for non-native-English speakers? Are there issues with the translation?


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Do you mean the subtitle, in my case in German?
I am astonished, the translation seems for me good, almost very good. At least very understandible.

Thanks, Markus

I think you did a very good job John.  I have a family member who is on a (very) longstanding promise of a gift copy of V5 (he got a gift copy of V3.6 some years ago), and he found it a good intro.  He hasn't tried the beta yet, even though he is eligible, so I could at least show him a short glimpse of his long overdue present.

I assume you wrote the script first?


--- Quote from: Ferdinand on September 11, 2013, 09:44:29 AM ---I assume you wrote the script first?

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That's an excellent question. When I speak in public, I hardly ever use a script (but will often use an outline). For doing this video, though, it turned out that having a script worked best (it helps make the presentation flow smoothly without too many stops and starts). The downside of a script is that it complicates eye-hand-mouth coordination while making the video. Not surprisingly, a little practice helps this.

The script was mostly a cut and paste from the IMatch Help (I have to say again what a complete and excellent job Mario did on Help). The side benefit of a script, as I noted above, is that it can be uploaded to YouTube with the video for closed captions/subtitles, which Google can helpfully translate into another language. Alternatively, YouTube can also generate a transcript from a video, but the results are not very good, at least in my case, so using a script was far preferable.

 (I have to say again what a complete and excellent job Mario did on Help). [/quote]

With the exception of the scripting files, I have read all of Help and I was very impressed with the amount of effort that Mario put into the Help files for IMatch 5. To make Help so complete had to take a lot of time for Mario.


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