Question on Auto Update of Version Relations

Started by gerlin, May 14, 2018, 02:40:25 AM

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I am a new user and have a question on auto update of version relations

I have a disk structure where I store the master files like this...


and have a sub directory with the same name as the master (with no extension) for any jpg/tif files created by Capture One


When I create files in the this subdirectory such as this...


they are automatically added to the iMatch DB as expected, though they are not added as version of the master unless I manually trigger a Refresh Relations.

I believe this is due to the fact that the master has not been modified, so there is no trigger to call the refresh in the background.

I just want to make sure this is correct and there is not a way to tell iMatch to refresh the relations if any changes occur in the corresponding subfolder.

Or is there a better workflow for bringing in jpeg versions of raw files?

Thanks for any help on this.


This behavior is due to optimizations and to reduce complexity. By design, if you will.

When IMatch adds or updates a folder (as in your case, the sub-folder) it checks if one or more of the added/updated files is a master and if this is true, it starts to updates all relations.
It does not, however, check if one of the added/updated files might be a version of some master file somewhere in the database.

If IMatch would do this, this could easily require IMatch searching the entire database for each added/updated file. The master file could be anywhere. In the parent folder. In a folder several levels above. Or on another disk. Or maybe even anywhere in the database...

Doing this scan for each added/updated file would slow down IMatch massively while adding/updating files. I tried to implement this, but it was real bad, even on a fast PC. And consider databases with 300,000 files and 10,000 folders...

To avoid this, IMatch by design only checks for added/updated masters. And the user does a quick <F4>,<R> on the parent folder (or wherever the master files for the newly added files are located) to establish the version links.
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Thanks, I just wanted to double check that I had not missed a configuration option.

In my case, since I am using a very strict directory structure/naming convention, based on the new file name, I would know if there should be a master and it's exact name and location, so using a regex and "up one level" selection, I would think that the performance impact could be limited (of course I am only guessing at this).

However I understand that most users would likely not have all versions names/directory structure in such a manner and it makes absolutely no sense to add the complexity to implement something like this that will not benefit many users and if a user configured without thought, could potentially impact performance.

Thanks again,  I can certainly push F4,R just like everyone else!