why repeated resynching and thumbnailing ?

Started by Steve01, May 02, 2018, 07:10:22 PM

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usb_HDD_010 (usb3 into powered usb3 hub) I set it to scan for first time with the scan wizard that appears at launch.
start 13:34:00
it started synch and thumbs progress bars before I even clicked on Import of that wizard.
I clicked import anyway, got a third progress line that then disappeared.
14:48 thumbs 100%
14:54 Synch 100%

Thus 1hr 20 mins for this 28.5Gb of files on a 465Gb drive

closed PSu then shut down PC, rebooted
14:56:00 launch PSu and the user name for usb_HDD_010 that was done in winexplorer/rename option was not showing, other ones had adopted the naming for other usb drives from last nights sessions.

Opened a folder for usb_HDD_010 and saw grey no entry signs, then synch and thumbs bars started off all over again.
they have completed at 17:49:00

thats 2hrs 53mins this time for the same drive, first scan was 1hr 20mins. :o

opening up a folder thumbs are now there  :)

but whats this  ???

Synch and thumbs are starting over again.  :o
10 mins later at 17:59 and 14.7% thumbs and 44.2% synch

why three lots of this treatment ?

Thats 13:34 until 18:09 as I type and one drive with 28,5Gb ( 17259 files and 1358 folders) still being treated to synch and thumbs. ?

Synch now done and thumbs 40%

compare to last night when in 1hr 20 mins it had done M N and L drives  (mains powered Buffalo drive usb2) far far more than 28Gb.



Please always include a zipped copy of the IMatch log file (See: log file) when you report such issues.

When IMatch starts to rescan a folder, the "last modified" timestamp of the folder on your media is newer than the timestamp recorded in the database. This means that Windows or some other application has changed something in that folder.

IMatch then rescans the folder to find new or updated files. Again, it compares the timestamps.

Usually a folder rescan is so quick you won't even notice. IMatch can check 5,000 files per second on a regular hard disk.
Unless IMatch finds new or updated files, nothing else will happen. If IMatch starts scanning, it has found new files or files with modified content.

The log file would have told us what IMatch was doing, which files were found updated, why IMatch performs so slow on your computer etc.

NOTE: Make sure your virus checker has an exception for the IMatch database. If your virus checker is scanning the IMatch database all the time, it can bring down performance to a crawl.

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egg on face, it was photosupreme I was testing that did this, not imatch.

As I have yet to manage a single drive scan it couldnt have been iMatch.

I am going to try for a reinstall as I desperately need to get this prog able to scan a drive.

all the other tested can.