Capture One 11 workflow?

Started by ThinkVision, March 17, 2018, 12:35:12 PM

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Anyone using this with the new Capture One 11?  Is here a good synergistic workflow?


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There are quite a number of topics related to Capture One. The community search function (at the top of the screen) should give you some useful pointers:
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Quote from: ThinkVision on March 17, 2018, 12:35:12 PM
Anyone using this with the new Capture One 11?  Is here a good synergistic workflow?

I do... here is my workflow...

- Import images from memory card using Downloader Pro (Files renamed based on camera, subfolders created based on photo date)
- For RAW files: Use Synchronize function in C1 to find the new images and import them into my C1 database (global Develop process added to all photos to add clarity, reduce highlights, boost saturation and lens distort correct) - allow preview images to build for best speed in performing edits and compares for culling.
- Cull, Edit and Process images via a batch Export Images (JPG's  created on separate drive using the same folder structure and file naming scheme as RAW folders)
- Import images into IM database using watched folders feature
- Keyword, rate, label, etc on imported JPG's (could also perform versioning here with the original RAW files if desired to keep RAW's and JPG's together and insync in the database)


- Use synchback+ to perform an automated copy of the IM database over to my IM Anywhere database to allow my IMA service to show the latest and greatest... this is done on a nightly basis (if the files differ).

Hope this helps...