launching webviewer from another pc: form of URL

Started by Aubrey, January 04, 2018, 09:43:51 AM

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I've had this strange issue on the URL for a while, it's no big deal as I know how to solve it, but if possible I would like to understand why.
I have my website on a linux server
I have IMatchviewer on a dedicated machine, appears as a proxy through the linux for security.

When I access the IMatch viewer from my everyday pc if I type in:
nothing happens except I get the label on the window tab IMatch WebViewer(tm), but no login screen appears.

If I type :
http://imatch-pc:8081/imatchviewer/ (added the extra slash at the end)
Then login screen appears.

I would have thought that the last "/" would not be important, it's not on most websites.

Just curious, as I say no big deal!



The final slash is very important.
Else the web server may try to lookup a redirect or another resource.
IMWS does not use rewrite rules to cover the case that a user uses URLs without a trailing forward slash. This would limit its usefulness for later versions and also for corporate users.
-- Mario
IMatch Developer
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